questionswhat the hell is wrong with deals.woot?


lol i wanna know why my deal got deleted too


@jockovonred Can you post a link to the site? Are you sure it wasn't a duplicate deal? When was it deleted?


That's weird. I am pretty sure I voted on your deal right when it was posted.


I don't see anything else from steam that's even close, but I do see another top contributor having things deleted for no reason. I don't think you can call it moderation when there is no attempt made by some staff to be moderate.


@tygerdave: I know you are feeling a little put out but saying there's no reason without more information is nothing more than a wild guess on your part. You're strolling into trolling territory lately.


Seriously, I'm so tired of seeing the damn lingerie crap and all of the zombie crap as well. I used to really like deals.woot becasue I could find good deals but now it's seeming more like a joke site with the Star Trek, Bacon items and the other useless crap :(


@thunderthighs: Not a wild guess, I did some searching and used my personal experience from the past month or so to make an educated guess.

Perhaps you think everything I've had deleted was done so for a good and valid reason?

I'll be happy to apologize to the person that deleted the deal if you'll let me know what rule it broke, I don't mean to be unfair.


@thunderthighs: I would guess that the deal (or deals) being spoken of here are from "store . steampowered . com" (URL deliberately obfuscated to make it easy for me to cut and paste, please don't change it). @jockovonred has been posting deals from there since the early days. There were a ton of interesting games, including many that were as little as ten dollars. I just looked at his tab, and I'm thinking that there hasn't been anything from Steampowered in quite some time.

I'm tempted to add commentary here, but am deliciously apprehensive about the moderation, and so shall simply keep it to myself.


@goldiemcg: I'm OK with the joke ones but the lingerie deals are getting a bit out of hand. Just having Ocheri was fine but now it seems they're just a bunch of Ocheri clones running amuck here.

If it gets to the point where I see one whole page of lingerie deals every other day, I'm sticking with only. Luckily, that hasn't come to that... at least not yet.


@thelastredeemer: I did a search for lingerie deals posted in the last day using #lingerie as a tag (24 hour period, more or less). Out of all the deals added, only 4 of them were for lingerie. Four. I didn't count the wine bra or the poster of the babe in lingerie in my count.
The Woot Powers That Be suggest that if one doesn't like the deals, to just ignore them. Post deals of your own to "drown" them out. Some people like them just as much as the video games and cheese. To each his own.


@thelastredeemer: The bacon, lingerie, Star Trek, and soft-porn-of-the-day poster deals often make the popular listings. Evidently a lot of people like them, which makes their inclusion here a Good Thing in terms of bottom-line issues for TPTB. As was point out a few moments ago by another poster, the actual number of lingerie deals posted is a small percentage of the total deals, and since I never bother looking at the "popular" deals, I barely notice the lingerie stuff. It's also possible to set up a search function that will not include lingerie. All things considered, though, it's possible this will no longer be a useful site for you. I'm close to that decision (albeit for different reasons) myself, and I understand your frustration.


@jumbowoot: Could auto-email be implemented for when a deal is pulled? Maybe it could state "Deal pulled due to product," or "Deal pulled as a duplicate. If you feel this in in error, please contact staff."


@jumbowoot: Wasn't @jockovonred 's deal from Steam different than that one from Steam?


@jockovonred: I agree. My respect for this site has fallen so far that it didn't occur to me until today to look here for post-Thanksgiving deals. "Back in the day" this would've been my first stop.


@lavikinga: That would be a nice Woot-wide feature, and something I'd like to see become standard on websites in general.

I can't properly convey the frustration I feel when I put in the effort to make a post, then go searching for it later, only to realize it's gone with no notification or explanation whatsoever; and in fact the only indication that my post is gone is my continued fruitless searches for it.

I'm one of those people who takes pride in their posts, as I'm sure many here do. We take the time to use correct grammar and spelling etc. To have our efforts erased without a word is disheartening to say the least, and to really be honest it actually hurts.

It seems that, at the very least, we could be sent a small automatic notification when that happens, for posted deals, comments, and any other customer participation that sites encourage.


I do not imagine that the lingerie sites with the cheap yet relatively expensive stuff will be around that long. Seems every brick & mortar store nowadays including the dollar stores, drugstores, etc. are selling flimsy lingerie for lower prices for the most part as found on here. I am wondering if the outrage at some of the deals isn't really great disappointment in the quality and quantity of the deals that used to be made at midnight on woot. IMO it has not been the same, nor has deals offered up too much in the way of killer priced, really wanted stuff. It has changed a lot, and there are aggregator sites out there where the product is presented in a more inviting and easier to use format. I am and will continue to be around to see what evolves.


@equazcion: It's Deals version of "Gaslighting." You've spent time writing a pithy, witty comment, and maybe even edited it a few times to make sure you've gotten your point across. Yet later, when you go to double check on the discussion, you're mystified. Your comment has disappeared into the ether.
Hmmm, did you possibly hit "delete" rather than "submit?" Noooo, you KNOW you hit "submit." You saw your comment appear. Gremlins in the system? Possibly. Upsetting a mod who is having a rough day? The Magic 8 Ball says "Outlook Good."
I don't mind the mods peeing in my Wheaties, but it sure would be nice to know why so I don't make the same mistake twice. Even if it was a "refer to rule #4" message.


@lavikinga: Ya, deals staff will send you an email saying "refer to rule #4" - except a) there are no official rules, b) if there were official rules, there would be no #4, c) yep


@dcalotta: Any explanation would be better than nothing at all. At least one would have a heads up that it was a purposeful & reasonable deletion rather than a hitch in the system or a retaliated zapping.


@magic cave: I'd argue that them being popular is not better for the weebsite due to the high potential that those posting and/or voting up said deals are far less likely to purchase anything (read: pre-teens with no money looking for free fap material on daddy's computer), than reputable, contributing, PURCHASING Wooters.


@lavikinga: I really don't bother spending much time posting comments here anymore, since woot staff doesn't seem interested in actually having a community that doesn't conform.

The worst part is that the rules for conformity seem to be completely arbitrary, inconsistent, and at odds with "official policy".

I'll still post on occasion, but it's really not worth the time and effort to give it any time or effort. And I've never posted a deal. The "rules" for posting are too confusing.


@marcoselmalo: the rules ARE vague, but I think it's safe to say other than condoms, which can be used for some hellacious water balloons, nothing overtly sexual such as personal pleasuring devices or lube (although if those condoms are lubricated...just saying), No triple X or soft porn movies or posters and no cigarettes are allowed. I don't know if that's been etched in stone somewhere, but it seems to be the no-no items that get removed without a second thought.

As far as not your commenting here, I think that is a mistake. It would be a loss for all parties involved. More varied opinions need to be shared in the community. Don't let the last few weeks run you off. I hope the hamfisted moderation that took place in the heat of the moment has abated & cooler heads will prevail. Yes, changes not everyone agrees with have taken place. I've been quite vocal in my opinion of them, but I'm being an adult about it & trying to make the best of it. Maybe change is a good thing.


@jockovonred: you said, "otherwise, keep the lingerie deals as popular each day and start showing more of the other items needed to go along with them: adult aids, condoms and the other sh*t."

I totally agree with this. Since people apparently like lingerie deals enough that we need to keep them, I'd like to see an adult section of deals.woot or something so we can post other bedroom items. imo the thumbnails for lingerie are even more NSFW than pics of condoms or lube.

And I agree with @goldiemcg on the over-saturation of zombie and bacon stuff but I guess that's what's bound to happen when you let the users vote.


@marcoselmalo: What I meant to say before the grammar & typomonsters got me was It is important for all voices to be heard. Yours as well as everyone else. Please make comments. YOU help mold the community just as much as I do or any one else. Don't let the past few weeks color your entire outlook for deals.


@lavikinga: I used to contribute a decent amount on this site too. Eventually I got annoyed by all the junk and whatnot - nobody seemed to want to have legitimate discussions anymore. And the amount of trolls on here have exploded (which I guess is reasonable for any site that suddenly gets very popular). One of the biggest discouragements for me, however, was all the "inside talk" that was going on, or the black triangle insider club. Whatever it was, I was sick of ATW being a forum for all the elite wooters and the deals section being inundated with trash. I complained about the lingerie a long time ago and immediately got blasted with freedom of speech rhetoric.

tl;dr - In the end, I just felt like when I had ideas to share, nobody had ears to hear. It's sad, because deals.woot used to be one of my favorite sites.


I agree with most, woot has changed alot, and not for the better :(



As a general rule of thumb, and in a perfect world, I'd agree with you.

However, is there any way for Woot to track who actually makes a purchase after looking at a link for a deal here? Unless there is such capability, then all TPTB have to go on is did a deal get the required metric to move to popular status?

I've run my own counts of lingerie vs. other deals a few times in the past; they seem to average around 2%-3%, and I've never counted more than 4%. The thumbnails are small enough that it's pretty difficult (for us older folks, nearly impossible) to see any skin at all, let alone more skin than a bathing suit would reveal. At any rate, this particular topic has been talked to death, and it seems nothing will change in the near future.

And frankly, any kid who's looking for wank material can find a lot better selection on websites that cater to those tastes, most of which offer free samples that don't require proof of age or credit card status.


I'm sorry, but so much of this is nothing but WHINNING! My opinion, but as far as I'm concerned, the only one I'm worried about.

I don't see a problem with the deals posted. If you don't agree with them, don't buy the stuff, don't look at the stuff, and act like an adult and don't whine about it.


@mtm2: I don't think they're so much mad about the lingerie deals themselves being posted; they're mad that those types of 'deals' are getting bumped to popular as fap-material for pre-pubescent teens and dropping good, legitimate deals off into nowhere (things people might actually buy).
That, and some people might, y'know, browse this site at work...where pics of girls in skimpy lingerie or sheer tops could get them in trouble, so they can't even browse the site for fear of losing their job.
Essentially, it's always important to try and look from the other guy's point of view, see why he/she might think the way they do. Sometimes it's surprising how much you can miss just looking from your own PoV.


Four out of five of today's sponsored deals are percent-off deals that require going to another site and shopping. Lately, it seems there have been so many of these. Personally, I prefer deals on specific items (like lingerie :-o). The percent-off deals just seem so lazy (?), as if I have the energy to go to another site and look at (mod edit: profanity).


@mtm2: What is this "whinning" you are whining about?

@sezyrrith: "Good, legitimate deals"? Do you actually think all people are like yourself and have no interest in buying lingerie? That the people who post them simply like to watch you snivel about them, and that they produce no sales?

As far as browsing this site at work... you don't have to click on and follow said deals to said sites that contain said pics of girls in skimpy lingerie. Since this seems to concern you, Mr/Ms Open-minded... perhaps you shouldn't be fapping at work.


Same situation here. My post got banned and I don't know why. I tried to contact Woot but never got a reply. Sigh...
However, if anyone is interested in cheap apparel and clothing with good quality, please visit my online store:



The only thing I am tired of is that each time some lingerie is posted, someone posts a comment saying "Mom??!?!?" thinking they are the first to do it. Haha.


Ya little anoying about the ohcheri and others being able to post and I can't post Tupperware Deals that lead to my site.
The last time I sighed one of my posts the Tupperware lady on Woot they even erased that.

Sigh-I knew Amazon linking up was a bad thing.I am waiting for Ebay to be destroyed by Amazon next since they are buying them out.

Sigh sigh and more sighs why do things have to change when they seem to work just fine in the first place? and Rarely is a change for the better


@shawnmiller or @josefresno: I've given up fighting the "login in, lose authentication, clear cookies, login in" bug that you seem not able to get rid of, and am just mentioning that it's happening here, while I am still authenticated. I note that there aren't cookies for account dot woot any longer, and that the loss of authentication happens most often if I switch between Deals and Wooterville (or even between tabs on Deals).

Here's hoping the comment takes (crossing my fingers).

[Edit] Looks like it worked (for now, anyway).


@thunderthighs: the deal was for the steam powered thanksgiving sale:

@shrdlu: not anything new? they just had a bunch of game packs at low prices including indie games and Just Cause 2. yes, steam has a few that are regular deals and I post those that are popular: tf2, cs:s, and others. isn't that the purpose of posting deals though? give the info to those that haven't jumped on them? also, the deals aren't always live, so getting them out there helps those who would like it (and it helps grow the gaming community for us all).

@jumbowoot: not the same deal. that's was only a small part of it.
combustiblekitty: yes, my deal was different as it included the beginning of the Thanksgiving sale which included more than just that one item.

@mtm2: while i'd like to agree with you (and I do to a point), ignoring these 'other' deals is fine, except they clutter my view. filtering isn't as refined as it needs to be either. (try filtering popular deals...i have).


@shawnmiller: I just had to go through that wretched cycle twice, to make this reply. No, I loathe Safari. This is firefox, but I see the problem (not as often, but it still happens) on IE. This browser does not speak Flash, but otherwise is quite normal.

[Edit] I also see votes not sticking (I voted up jockovonred's comment, refreshed the page, and the vote was gone).


@jockovonred: You misunderstood my previous comment. I was merely pointing out that you often posted Steam deals (it was the thing I first noticed about you, oh so long ago). I may be so worried about being edited that I am not always clear in what I say (I still have open wounds, thanks), but the original comment was to show support for you.


@shrdlu: thanks! as a long time wooter yourself, that helps alot (the support).
edit: i reread your post and misunderstood you. thanks again for the vote of support!

yes, i am a gamer. and as much as i like lingerie as the next, sometimes that's all i see in the popular category. now, I can ignore it like most, or even filter it. that's not my point. my ignoring of the deal doesn't downgrade it at all. only those who like it get counted and boost it's popularity. (hell i don't even click on them so no count is added to it's popularity.)

my main gripe is I posted a deal. a deal which may or may not have been good. a similar deal to mine was posted a few hours later. doing the proper thing, i tattled on the duplicate deal pointing to mine. i enjoyed the holiday and came back to check the site and noticed my deal and the other deal gone. no other deal in it's place existed. to put up the deal today is probably what i will do since now it is the last day of the steam game sale.



I am however disenchanted more than ever with this site. to echo what others have posted. i used to come to deals.woot to post deals found which this community could benefit from, however, it appears others sites setup for deals are much better at handling the community and ferreting out deals which aren't deals or are not popular.

am i whining, sure, why not. just a little pissed at a deal which could have gotten great numbers and been popular was completely deleted....mine or not!


@jumbowoot: to further clarify my URL, it was steampowered .com /specials. not the same of the single item post.


@jockovonred: I will also point out the unpopular truth, here. I'd guess that the Steam site does not have quite the same financial arrangement as I'm guessing Deals has with you-know-who. Yeah, I realize I'm risking editing here, but whatever.

@shawnmiller: Whatever change you just made, made it WORSE. Now I see the account dot woot cookie, but everything I do takes me to the account page, rather than letting me do anything. I just logged in via IE (and I really hate IE, but am hoping I keep authentication long enough to make this comment).

[Edit] It took four tries to get back here via Firefox. This really shouldn't be this hard. I don't have this kind of problem on any other site, with any browser.


Site is under new management. Apparently they are biased.

deals.woot admin - Listen up. If you want us to keep this site popular, you better start leaving our deals up even if they compete with your corporate policies. After all, you bought this site out because it was popular, not because you wanted a place people were hesitant to go because it felt so corporate.


@perchegs: They were always biased. I really don't think this has much of anything to do with Amazon's purchase of Woot, unless you mean the side effect of moving staff from St Louis to Seattle, which may actually have had some small effect on all the crap that's happened. There was originally a lot of editing and other crap, the first few weeks or so after it was out of beta (or perhaps I should just say released to the public, since the eternal bugginess of it all really gets to me now and then).

I don't think there's anything wrong with pushing stuff that makes more money, but I think it needs to be named something other than "Community" deals, because the community got squashed out of it. Maybe they could call it "Side Deals" or something...


@shrdlu: "...unpopular truth"
Nothing so sinister. Just a duplicate post. Nothing more.


slickdeals < deals.woot - all day, every day.