questionsvideo game preference: pc or console?



I enjoy laying on my couch relaxin'.


Console. I prefer laying on the floor, though, with beer within reach.


I would have to agree that console (Xbox) is better, but it has been awhile since I have played PC. I just didn't like that I had to continually "upgrade" my PC, which was not cheap. And I also didn't like having to sit at a desk to play (I didn't have a great set up)


Nothing is better then asdw mouse first person shooter. PC for first person shooters. Console for sports and racing.


I love playing games on my PC, that's why I built it, but it is getting harder and harder to get games for the PC so in the last year and a half I have made the switch to console. I will regain my pc passion when I buy a copy of the new Counter Strike game. I just need to get my rig shipped over to me safely in Japan.


I have to say PC - love my Starcraft


I much prefer Console gaming but that wasn't always the case. I prefer the Xbox 360 over the Wii/PS3 but I am also really big into handheld and retro consoles and I own the Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, PS2, N64, Dreamcast, NeoGeo, Sega GameGear, Genesis, Sega CD, Gameboy (original white brick), GBC, GBA, GBSP, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, all with games, controllers, accessories etc.

However I still reserve my PC for Starcraft/Starcraft2, Warcraft 2, Diablo 2, Tribes 1, Duke Nukem 3D, Steam Humble Bundle games and RTCW:Enemy Territory.


@devexityspace: Ever play Enemy Territory:Quake Wars?

My vote goes to the PC. I love First Person Shooters, and on a console they're tiresome and imprecise. There's a reason they don't mix the PC and console players in online gaming - the console players would get their asses handed to them.

I do have a Wii and an Xbox 360, though. The kids find them fascinating.


Like many others, I have almost been forced to make the switch to console.

I have an xbox 360, and I have to say that everything runs smoother on it than on my PC rig that I built several years ago - and the xbox was 1/5th the price!

I now have a fairly high-end laptop, but I still prefer my xbox for the simplicity.

(I also prefer the mouse/keyboard combo, but I can make it with the xbox controller)


Both, if I could afford to buy a TV and a console, and a superpowered PC, because PC graphics can trounce those of consoles. Since I can't afford these dreams, I'm running my PC with a middle of the road graphics card (Radeon HD 6670) I got with Christmas money and a few cheap games a couple generations old or older (much older, like CS:S and Half-Life!).

I really miss the social nature of console gaming when you can play with family or friends IRL, versus the solitude of PC gaming, where interaction is all virtual. Plus the whole being able to lie around and move wherever with the wireless controllers, as others have mentioned. And the PS Move is pretty sweet.


Both! i have my PC hooked to the same 55 inch my xbox is on.. most pc games run on xb controllers, if not wireless keyboard and mouse! best of both worlds

even DL'ed unified remote on my android and it works as a remote for my PC... HA!

my first love was PC though


For some reason, most console First Person Shooters (FPS) give me vertigo. I, typically, don't have that problem on the PC.

So, it's solitaire & minesweeper for me!

JK, BF3, way too much.


I choose PCs because of the versatility, but I'll always prefer a console for platformers or racing games. Plus, despite not owning one, I find the Wii to have its own sort of classification of games that PCs will never really compete with.


@dxdn: I know exactly what you mean. Virtual meetups are much more convenient but not nearly as fun. It does make weekday gaming possible for me though.
On another note, I have a couple extra copies of Left 4 Dead 2 left that I was giving away on reddit but those people spaced so if you want one, it's yours.



Ironically though, when online multiplayer gaming first came to Consoles though, I had to buy a keyboard and mouse because I was a PC gamer lol..

So my Dreamcast had a keyboard and mouse tethered to it toward the latter years of it's life.

Double irony? I had to buy a controller for my PC gaming.
Currently rockin' Battlefield 3. (And Skyrim. Damned Skyrim.)

Just out of curiosity, anybody else play Quake 3 Arena? (Dreamcast)


As a new convert, I would have to say PC. Grew up on consoles, and I will continue to have them and play them, mainly because all of my friends have consoles and we play xbox live together, but all games they don't plan on getting I purchase for the PC. Consoles still do have their benefits, one I quickly learned was it takes time for people to move the joystick from left to right, now I see people pressing 'A' 'D' over and over trying to dodge bullets, only thing that has annoyed me so far. But consoles are "plug and play," so you don't have to worry about making sure you have the latest drivers, or waiting on drivers to come out as a game is unplayable at the moment (slight exaggeration), I still prefer the PC though


Console now, not as much time to play the type of games that are better suited to PC, plus my laptop is a macbook.


Definitely PC for me. You can always get a programmable controller for your computer if you prefer that over the mouse and keyboard for some games. Also, every game available for console is available for PC, but not the other way around (starcraft, counterstrike, league of legends). And PC version of games are usually first to go on sale.


By the way, welcome to the black triangle club. :)


PC. With a console controller!


I understand that, if you don't want to do PC gaming, you don't want to cough up the money for ZE' MASTA RACE gaming. I completely understand that if you prefer console.

If your argument against PC gaming is mainly that you don't want the mouse and keyboard: your point is invalid for the most part. The PC can handle a Xbox controller and any wireless gamepad. Hell, that's what I did when I played Batman: AA/AC and Burnout: Paradise. I pretty sure I've used the gamepad for many other games other than those two.

Although, I could imagine that you will be severely handicapped in shooters on the PC in multilayer due to the fact that the mouse and keyboard is much better in shooters in general. But, IN MY OPINION, playing a shooter on a gamepad is crappy. Note that I did not say "imo", I said "IN MY OPINION".

I do, however, stay by my claim that the keyboard and mouse versus the gamepad, K&M wins. Although it really depends on the skill of the person wielding the controllers.


I personally play games on all platforms, PC, Console, Handheld, not so much mobile, but a little

If a game is available for both PC and console,I almost always chose console my console of choice is xbox360

- I love achievements /trophies
- no worries about hardware / patching / losing CD keys
- New console every 3-5 years? new PC every 2-3, at 10x the cost
- More friends play on console, better matchmaking service of online games
- Bigger screen -i know i can hook my PC up to my TV via HDMI
- I dont really care a ton about graphics

Pros for PC
- Modding
- graphics, if you really need that shadow and that water to be perfect
- Mouse/KB control and hotkeys if you like that sorta thing

It really boils down to what game you want to play, some are just more suited for console, others for PC

I like console for shooters, platformers, racing, sports
Games that can be modded like skyrim or fallout have a lot to offer on PC, MMOS gonna be better PC , party games only on console really.


I used to be a PC guy myself. That was when I was more into gaming than I am now though. These days, I prefer consoles simply because I can sit back and play with a controller on a big screen TV. Yes, I realize that there are PC controllers and you can connect a PC to a modern TV (and I do) but the controller support is often poor on PC games and consoles are just...simpler.

Can't beat PC for things like starcraft and emulation though. Love my SNES roms and I especially love the ability to play Wii games in 1080p on PC.


Console. I don't have to keep spending money to play games.

It's like BF3. I REALLY want it on PC, but it will cost me about $300 (including game) to play it as my graphics card is to old. I spent $60 and have it on my Xbox.


@caffeine_dude: Couldn't have said it better.

FPS is best on keyboard and mouse. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm not a big RTS guy, but I would imagine it's the same. And for RPGs I much prefer to have more keys.