questionswhy is it so hard to find quality sheets that…


Maybe you're just being too particular? I dunno; I've never put that much thought into sheets before.


dude go to Bed Bath and Beyond and pick your self up some nice jersey knit sheets in solid dark colors no problem.


whats wrong with high thread count? i have multiple sets of 1000 thread count sheets and i love them.


I like cotton sheets and high thread count but I do not like sateen either. My sheets are from Kohl's, the ones I am currently using are Chaps. They have other brands there too with dark colors that are not sateen, so I'd give them a try. Order them online and if you don't like them, just return them, they have an awesome return policy. Or if you go to the store, open the bag and feel them, if you don't like the texture, move to the next one. Good luck in your search!!!


"Percale" refers to the tightness of the weave, so yes, you're likely going to prefer percale sheets. Perhaps I'm simply too plebeian, but once thread count gets above 300 I can't really tell much difference between 300 and anything higher.

Personally, I avoid jersey knit, which is way too much like sleeping on a tshirt for me. Someone suggested Kohl's, which usually has a good selection of sheets. If you live near any kind of major department store (Macy's, Belk, Dillards, Boscovs, etc.) check there as well. I guarantee you'll find a broad selection of brands and colors. Chaps and Lauren usually have strong, dark colors and patterns.


@philosopherott: I've used Jersey knit sheets for quite a long time. I used to love them but now I find I rarely use them and go to the more traditional sheets. Also, I have found the jersey sheets don't hold up well. Virtually every single set I have (4 I think) all have holes and/or very thin spots now.


@downpixel: I know what you mean but really, at the end of the day all I want really are comfortable, dark colored cotton sheets.


@ndcouch: I have never, even seen those ultra high thread count sheets that are "true". Most of them are just marketing hype and are things like 2-ply or 3-ply or counting funny. Like how a lot of companies say a car gets 45 miles per gallon using some math tricks and hypothetically perfect computerized conditions. When in reality it's a lot more like 25mpg. Yes it's technically correct but it's really just marketing.


@lmensor: @magic cave: Thanks for the Kohl's tip. There is one about 30 minutes away but I've never shopped there. I'll check that out next time I'm out that way!


@bingo969: or like when you are TV shopping and you see "infinite contrast ratio" on an LED TV box when in reality its probably closer to 100,000:1

All i know is i have two sets of high thread count sheets and they are by far my favorite. the main reason i love them is that they seem to feel "cold" all the time. i am a hot sleeper, so stuff like jersey knit makes me hot and uncomfortable. but my high thread count sheets are always cool and slick feeling. they have a slight "sheene" to them, so maybe its the "Percale" that i like, i dunno. all i know is i like the slick, cool feel of the sheets i have now.


I find high thread count sheets to feel softer and cooler to the touch (important in the desert). I have solid black ones (charcoal grey after several washings) and solid ones in a dark gold color. I have some lower end sheets in a black and grey plaidish pattern. My best friend is a guy and his house is mostly hunter green and gray, and he has no trouble finding sheets to match.


@bingo969: If you find what you are looking for - please, tell me where you find them. I've been looking for a long, long time for exactly the same thing.


Patterns hide more flaws (stains) so i avoid solids. That said, i am ok with almost anything. I tend to buy percale. 400 thread count sheets on sale in colors and designs that make the GF say. "Pretty!" Either buy online or at Tuesday Morning. Target price, $50-$60 for king size. Watch J C Penney's Outlet store also.


Me man. Me buy sheets. Me sleep on sheets. Me look for sheets high thread count so me can sleep on sheets no pain. Me care not blue not green not red. Me care not stripe not plaid not shine. Me man. Me sleep on sheets. Me spend most day not on sheets. Me not care how sheet look.

I go to Costco and pick up cotton queen sheet sets (at least 2 flat and 2 fitted) every few years. I don't care about thread count, pattern or color. If I don't like the way it feels after a wash, it goes back. The only thing I make a fuss about are my pillow cases--they have to be a very thick cotton. It has to feel like a towel in order for me to get comfortable.

I still don't get what being a guy has to do with bedsheets though. Real men sleep on wooden boards.


Land's end has some very nice sheets. ( make sure to get a coupon code that is posted regularly on deals)
They have this wonderful , imho, oxford cloth sheets. If you like a nice 100% soft oxford cloth shirt, you will like these.

Tip : most sellers will send out samples of fabric. I throw the fabric samples in the wash to see how they will really feel and wrinkle or not. Most percale takes a few washes to get optimal softness.

Some other places to check out besides Land's End. (These tend to be higher quality sheets, so they are not JCP or Kohl's prices-- but most have sales or can get coupon codes)
LL Bean- supima percale
The Company Store
Garnet Hill.

Also, you might check out Sierra Trading Post. Sometimes they get in leftovers of really nice sheets that can be had for a song. I got some very nice Egyptian percale that were originally from Bloomingdales.
Make sure before buying there to sign up for their list -- you get email codes for extra 30-40% off.


WalMart sells 600+ thread count flat-finish dark solid-color sheets for cheap all day every day. Though I get what you're saying, you're just not looking hard enough.


@curtisuxor: It seems to me that many of my guy friends are afraid of being magically turned gay if they wear a pink shirt or use fruit or flower scented soap or lay down on pastel sheets. I tell them that in their secret hearts what they are really afraid of is that if they used girly things they would discover they like girly things and would abruptly discover they were actually gay all along (because all gay guys like rose scented soap you know). So it isn't that they are afraid these things will make them gay, but it will make them realize they are gay. Fortunately, being a girl I can use manly scented soaps and sleep on manly colored sheets without fear of discovering my inner lesbian. Men are such silly things.


@moondrake: Hee hee. In my defense, it's nothing like that. I'm an outdoors guy. Almost everything in my house is either handmade myself out of wood or other dark, forest type colors.

My bed is a heavy, dark oak frame. The artwork in my bedroom is all colorful outdoor photographs I've taken housed in wooden frames. My comforter is a dark hunter green.

So with all that, light pastel sheets would just look odd. I'd rather just find sheets that go with everything else rather than replacing everything else to go with the sheets!

BTW - my bathroom is pink and let me tell you, I rock that shizznit :)


@bingo969: Fair enough. :)

I buy my sheets at the home show, there's some folks that have a table there with high thread count sheets I like for $25 a set so I usually buy a set each year. But my go-to B&M store for bedding is Anna's Linens. They have lots of selection in a wide variety of colors. Have a look and see if they suit you.
1000 thread count solid color sheets, available in light brown:
650 thread count solid color sheets in dark brown
and black