questionsanyone remember the old woot! photoshop contests?


...and there was Brave Woman!... the centerpiece in numerous entries.


The good old days!

The fights over the monkey prize!

Brave woman!


@dontwantaname: In case your wondering who downvoted you, I did, accidentally, stupid (yet awesome) tablet. Noticed it this morning and too late to take it back.


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I completely forgot about those. I always enjoyed participating in those. I'm proud to say I was a lucky monkey winner at one point, never received the monkey though. It must have escaped. It's a shame that Woot doesn't have contests like this anymore.


I have no artistic talent, and zero photoshop skillz, so I could never enter the contests, but I loved the entries and winners. I do miss them, but have no delusions that Woot would ever entertain bringing them back in any way shape or form.


Holy moley, I had completely forgotten about those. I also have no artistic talent (seriously, my stick figures suck and that's the best I can do) but very much enjoyed them.

Thanks for yet another loss, Darth.


They still have Photoshop contests over on They're are some pretty creative and disturbed people out there...


Man, I miss these. The woot contests were always so much fun, even if you didn't take part.


I enjoyed those a lot. Most of my entries sucked (at least compared with @wonderstew), but I did manage to hit for the cycle.

I've entered the t-shirt contest a few times, but there is actual talent there, so I'm out of the picture.