questionsdid you know that you can request a transcript of…


where did you hear this? got a link?


I saw a news report about a high school project. Basically, telling kids to be careful what they post. They pulled the entire history of the student for the 5 years he had had an account. Facebook saves EVERYTHING.

I don't know how easy it would be for an individual to request their history. I would imagine it's not something they openly offer. But I don't think they can legally withhold it from you.


A friend of mine got his a couple months ago. It's just a button hidden in the account settings somewhere, from my recollection. Not terribly hard to find.

I don't think you can request someone else's transcript though, I see lots of privacy issues in that.

Really don't like that it keeps deleted stuff though. Basically makes deleting things pointless, especially if a third party has any sort of access to that history.


@dragonsfire82: found it. just go to account settings. right under the list (name, networks, language etc), is a link to download your FB data.


I've tried this out a loooooong time ago. I tried the "expanded archive" option though.

So it seems that Facebook remembers everything down to even the names of your previous relationships!

Kind of funny to look at the things I've written though... it's kind of like opening up a time capsule from the last six years.

Heres a link to the info:



Thanks for another reason to dislike them.


@jsimsace: dislike is too soft of a word......


I love it when people use farcebook, especially drug dealers.

When was the last time you sold drug xxx?
Not me I never sold drugs.

So, this is your picture and your profile, with a picture of you and a pile of xxx drug. These are your friends with you standing by the pile of xxx drug. This is you stating you just got in a new pile of xxx drug. This is you posing with your MOB tattoo and a fist full of 50's.
Nah ah, I deleted that.
Yeah you did einstein, yes you did.

SOme people really have no clue as to what they are telling the world, not just their friends.


@carl669: Wow, that's way easier than I though it'd be.