questionsmr. rutherford, why are you selling all of your…


Wow...nice find. It sounds like somebody may be jumping off a sinking ship.

EDIT: I don't know enough monkey history, but I assume the OP knows of what she speaks since she has a massive collection. My original response is referring to an employee in general.


Not jumping off a sinking ship. I might have to box them up for a couple years due to downsizing my cube and I think they deserve better.

Everyone has their price, If they don’t sell I am totally keeping them I just threw them up with a crazy number to see what would happen.

If the auction ends and they don't sell I will be putting them on loan to the Woot! "Fun Crap" Committee to display in the Woot front lobby.


Wow, that costs more than a bacon coffin!


For $100 each, I've got a couple monkeys lying around. I'll even throw in shipping for free.


@brutherford: Well if someone is willing to pay 1500 for a bacon themed coffin, then anything is possible.


@brutherford: Whew, I was worried. I totally understand a downsized cube and not having space for your screaming friends. My work space only has room for 4 of my monkeys. My new 2012 monkeys are hidden in a box where no one can find them just to keep them safe. I wish I could purchase your collection without getting into trouble at home - they are bea-u-ti-ful!

@gottaturnupthesound: Are any of your monkeys, prototypes or red caped? I could get away with a couple of hundred dollars but there is no way I could do creative book-keeping on $5K.


I could get an actual monkey for that cost. And it would fling its own poop. No contest :)


@okham: but it wouldn't have woot! tattooed across it's butt.


If they sell would this count as a kickback?


So your saying Woot itself doesn't have a complete Woot Monkey collection!


They are Golden Monkeys, but I can't justify that price.


Is that the "list price" or the "woot price"?


I would get them only if I could use my $5 coupon.


Hmmmmm. Rutherford... Rutledge. Mister...... Matt. Rutledge, Matt. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @snapster's selling his monkeys to forget about Woot once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! That is impressive.

cf cf


Mr. Rutherford ==> Mr. B. Rutherford ==> BRutherford ==> brutherford, aka Mr. Moofi (well, not really, but he could be known that way).

Edit: or does my sarcasm/joke-detector need even more coffee?


@gottaturnupthesound: You can try :) The value is in the entire collection, not the individual value of each monkey.


@brutherford: I see 6 protos but I can't find the 7th.

- football
- cow
- alternate brown camo
- sock monkey w/ blue cape
- giant w/ orange cape
- breast cancer awareness (which I would have bought in an instant - who am I kidding, I would have purchased them all in an instant)


@theoneill555: There is also the large green Monkey with neon green stitching around the cape. (This was one of the original samples and all the large green monkeys were supposed to have that cape but came in with the regular stitching instead)


@baqui63: I know baqui. It's easy to figure out, especially when @brutherford has the top answer saying that he just wants the monkeys to go to a good home because he's downsizing his cubicle and doesn't want them boxed up.


@brutherford: Thanks. Now that it is pointed out, I can see the difference. That means I am missing 8 monkeys to complete my collection :(


Now are the prototype monkeys 1 of a kind or are there a few more floating around?

Could make it worth it for someone who has a rare monkey sanctuary!


@reg036: They are 1 of a kind. You will never see another one like them.


Well if I hit the lottery, you'll be the first to know!!!

Thanks for the answer!