questionsamazon local, google offers, groupon, etc. do you…


I live in a small town in Iowa. We don't have, and probably never will have, those offers.


@coolphilip04: some of them offer national deals/sales, like online shopping discounts, and i remember one groupon being for any Domino's pizza in the US. as far as local to you in small town Iowa, i'm not sure if that's a prioritization issue with the deal sites or the non-participation of small town stores.

i've read articles from businesses using groupon, and some had hellish experiences. for example mom n pops that got slammed by customers who would never be repeat customers anyway. the deal sites pitch "a small loss now for abundant repeat business from happy customers"

maybe the influx and attention of these big players like amazon and google will trickle down to every small town. they have more resources IMO and could reach out more, if they found it fitting for their pockets


My wife & I use groupon mostly, and occasionally livingsocial.
out of 10+ groupons, 1 was a bad experience, 1 was mediocre and the rest were all great!

my favorites by far were the nationwide deals for ebay and amazon credits at 50% off.


I've used Groupon and Living Social but when I received my first email from Amazon Local, it says sold by Living Social (but it does offer different deals). I do not subscribe to their emails but if I remember I check them in my morning rounds of deal sites.


Like @coolphilip04, I'm in small-town Iowa (different corner of the state, IIRC). I get the Des Moines-area groupon offers and have been able to use a couple including the Ebay gift card one ($7 for a $15 gift card for paypal users). I don't get up to the "big city" often enough to use many of the offers. I know that area has Living Social (not signed up for that), but the others will probably take awhile to venture my way.


the one-year expiration date on most groupons make them a safe gamble for small town people that only hit the bit city every few months.


I use Groupon, although not much interests me there these days... they have like 10 deals a day for the Los Angeles area and it seems like they're usually out in North Hollywood or something.

I've also bought a couple of things from Lifebooker (a beauty services D-A-D) which have been good, but overall I avoid sites that don't allow you to discuss the deal, unless I'm already familiar with the business.