questionswill you take part in the "earth hour" ?


I know I'll probably get downvoted for this, but I don't care. I think Earth Hour is silly nonsense that accomplishes absolutely nothing except to make people feel better about themselves for supposedly having "done something".


I don't celebrate for an hour one time a year and call myself the solution. Here, we do that every day.

We don't turn off all the lights by any means, but we don't leave lights on when we're not in that room. We open the shades/blinds during the day so we don't have to turn on the lights. When we buy new fixtures in the house, we consider what will be good for us, but also what will save water and electricity. We open windows when it's nice out and turn off the AC/Heat. We keep the house cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer.

We do all of this -- not because I really care about the impact that we have on the environment, but because we like saving money -- The environmental impact is just an added bonus. In today's society of constantly rising prices and ever-decreasing income, we have to or we'd sink.

Honestly, if you want to help the environment, plant a tree and trade your SUV for something more practical. Turning off your lights for one hour does nothing.


no, but thank you for informing me. I'll be sure to TURN ON EVERY DAMN LIGHT IN MY HOUSE IN PROTEST OF ALL THE SILLY FEEL-GOOD MORONS WHO THINK THIS WILL ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. In fact, I'm even going to start my cars and let them idle in the driveway for that hour.


Going to turn off the lights, but keep on your heat, computer, phone, and TV?

Yeah, this is silly. Conserve energy in reasonable ways, not just switching off one of the most efficient devices you have in your house. I'm not an environmentalist, but I conserve energy because I'm cheap. Do something more worthwhile like keep the heat and A/C down a little lower. Not just turn the lights off so you can brag to your friends about how eco-friendly you are, all that makes you is a giant boob.


We've done this for a few years now. It's not about actually accomplishing energy savings, emissions reductions, etc. to me, it's more about awareness. Plus it's a good excuse to spend some old school time with the family (you can bring your green hat).


No, I won't. I haven't any other "Earth Hour" either. What's one hour do when there are 8,764 more?


Between my rescue/adopted pets and always doing something in my yard EVERYDAY, it is Earth and Green hour 24x7x52.


I support it but it is one of those things where your efforts account for nothing (or like a savings of $0.12.)


Wow! Such negativity! I wasn't aware of this, which is sad, but such events are usually more about AWARENESS than they are about actually accomplishing something more concrete. It is more akin to the Autism Awareness Walk I volunteer with locally. No one expects it to cure autism, it is just about awareness!


@kamikazeken: U mad, bro? The goal of this is to raise awareness on how easy it is to save some energy. As angry as you are about it, I can tell you've been made well aware! Mission accomplished.
I can understand not doing anything different for Earth hour, but I don't understand why you'd want to waste your own time and money to turn more stuff on. What's your beef, stranger?


Phft. This is easy. One hour with no lights? I could do that in my sleep. In fact, I will. I'll even go a step further and do TWO!

I vow not to turn on the lights between 1am and 3am on March 23rd.


No, I'm not gonna participate....In fact I am going to shut everything off for the whole time its going take that environment!


Awareness? I really don't get the whole "awareness" of everything idea. We all know that turning of lights, having a programmable thermostat, proper insulation, the new light bulbs, blahblahblah are better for the environment AND your wallet. We won't participate unless there's an outage.

Stuff we do already?
Lights off unless we're actively using them.
Only running full loads of laundry.
Programmed thermostat to a winter range of 57-64, summer range of around 78-80
Mostly we just open windows.
Reflective barrier insulation.
Combine our errands into one big loop to conserve fuel.
We buy local (less fuel to transport, less environmental cost)
etc. etc. etc.

No. The one hour that my neighbors won't be AWARE of will make no difference. The way we live our lives does make a difference. At least to our wallet. :D


Also, I wonder if the Earth Hour website will keep their servers up for that hour...
(This whole thing is moot for us, we'll be at a charity event, leaving one light on for the dogs.)


I'm all for awareness of power consumption. I'm also against silly nonsense that does nothing. I turn my computers, TV's, BluRay Players, lights & such off when I'm not using them so turning my lights off for an hour that I'd normally use them is kind of dumb in my opinion.

Being aware of power consumption is something you shouldn't need an "energy hour" for... it should be a natural part of your daily life. If it isn't, feel free to turn your lights off for an hour and say "I did something for the environment".

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the environment and saving energy, I just don't think that this is the way to do it... also, this article talks about how turning your lights off may actually increase power consumption due to power plants turning off & then back on:


@thumperchick: Congrats for you. It seems you are already doing your part. This event if for the folks who don't already consider such things.


@bsmith1: Who are the people that don't already consider those things?


@thumperchick: Probably the same people who apparently don't know where their turn signal control is located in their cars. You know, the inconsiderate and/or ignorant types. I see dozens of these people every day.

Edit: they should have a "use your turn signal hour" and maybe these dumbos would learn that it's not that hard and you're doing everyone else a favor...rabble rabble


Yeah, seriously. In the middle of a big depression/recession, tell me who the heck leaves all their lights on 24/7, sets their thermostat to 90 degrees in the winter and 60 in the summer, runs the dishwasher with only one spoon in it, a load of laundry with just one sock. "Awareness" my rear end.


Earth Hour is doing what is intended to do, we are talking about it.
So take that earth hour haters.
Will I take part, no....unless the kids know about it and ask, then I we will go all in. I will insist all wall warts be unplugged too, that should really raise awareness in my house! We may even go look at the meter and see if we can get it to slow almost to a stop. I would ask them what else is using power?


@caffeine_dude: Just flip the main breaker. That'll stop that meter dead (If it doesn't, you should probably contact your provider).


@bsmith1: I hate ignorant people who think saving energy makes them noble. And tree huggers. Sacrificing comfort in the name of "being green" is ridiculous. We live in a first-world developed nation and people who suggest we should instead live the lifestyle of the third world are backwards morons.


@kamikazeken: Gee, with an attitude like that, I have no idea how Americans get the reputation for being rude, selfish, and greedy... (rolls eyes @ ur face)

Edit: "Screw the environment! I have the powerrrrrr!"


@bsmith1: Sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with him. I am not going to go squat and take a dump in the street for the simple reason that I. don't. have. to. In no way do I feel this in and of itself makes me superior or inferior to anyone else, I'm well aware of what the fickle finger of fate can do, and what a total bitch she can be.


@stile99: I have no idea what you're talking about. Who is squatting where now...and why? Our sewers and waste treatment plants keep us from catching diseases. I don't think anyone is asking you to boycott indoor plumbing...

Just be considerate of others. Don't celebrate excess just because you can. Lookout for your fellow man. If you don't need your lights on, then turn them off. It saves you money and helps preserve the planet for future generations.


@capguncowboy: But that will not make my kids realize all the crap they plug in but do not use drinks power. It may take the entire hour of going around and unplugging things, but they asked for it. (Assuming they ask for it) In the last few minutes I may just throw the main so we can have a win, not a bad idea. :-|


@caffeine_dude: I see what you mean -- When I was a kid my dad used to flip the main breaker when it was raining and tell us the power went out so we'd stop playing video games or watching TV. Looking back, I enjoyed playing board games as a family (all 8 kids and my parents) on those days. I think we all knew the power didn't go out, but it was helpful to my dad's ego that we didn't mention it.

I agree that people need to unplug every now and then. I just think the idea of being "noble" one hour in the entire year is moot. I know it's about raising awareness, but living it every day is going to make more people aware of its importance than it will by rubbing it in someone's face once a year.