questionsanyone have a good computer chair recommendation?


Was the Ikea one you looked at the Markus? We have that (the green fabric version), and really, really like it. It's held up very well for the couple of years we've had it, which is longer than ones we've spent $300 on-- but we are rough with our chairs and also large folks that spend a lot of time on the computer. It's showing little to no signs of wear and tear after a couple years.

I know a lot of PC poker players say it's one of the best for a "value" chair (ie not $500+)-- I trusted their judgement as they sit in their chairs constantly to make a living, so they tend to be pretty aware on comfort and quality.

It also did really well over on the lifehacker site:


Off the bat I would recommend spending more for a chair that will last you the rest of your life: The Herman Miller Equa (about $800).
It is simply the best chair I've ever used in my life. I like it even more than the Aeron. I have lower-back problems and this chair basically stopped them entirely.

This chair, in your price range, is another chair that I currently have and use for a few hours a day. I only linked to costco because that's where I got mine. I'm sure it's available at other places.

It is very comfortable with a plush seat cushion. It's almost absurd how much cushioning your butt receives on this thing. The back is an air-mesh kind of deal so it keeps your back cool. Set-up and assembly is a pain. It is not confusing, just annoying. It has tons of adjustments to fit almost any body type and everything feels very sturdy.

Good luck.


@jezebelseven: Thanks. It was the Markus we were looking at, but in black, which unfortunately is about $30 more. I know the cheaper chairs there felt cheap and creaked, but this one did feel sturdy. I'm lucky to have an Ikea about 20 minutes away, so maybe I'll make a trip back there and pick one up. Thanks.


@jezebelseven: Also of note, the Markus has a 10 year limited warranty. May not be 20, but still a lot of bang for your buck as far as a $200 chair goes.

@jeffrjohn: We liked the black one more but were on a super strict budget so opted for the green fabric-- Ikea's about an hour and a half away from here so you're lucky! ;) Keep your receipt in case you do need to use that warranty I mentioned above. We stupidly threw ours out not realizing we were supposed to keep it in case of warranty issues. :p


I've used Herman Miller Aeron chairs at work for years, and although they retail for $800, I've been able to find them used and affordable through Craigslist. Have you ever considered looking for a Herman Miller Aeron or maybe a Steelcase chair through Craigslist?

I found my first Aeron chair for $300 from an office liquidator, and the second for $200 from a private seller that was moving out of town. (I bought one for myself, and then another for my wife).


If money is tight and looks do not matter, they make a good epoxy. Do get the cheap one, and make sure it is for plastic and follow all the instructions. Success has been hit and miss.


@curtisuxor: Good Call! My office has the Herman Miller for all of us and I think that it is a great chair. I never think about it really, I just sit. That is the way a chair should be. ya never really shold notice the chair. It does not distract, it is that comfortable. The only gripe is that if you are a non-traditional sitter(i.e. legs "indian" style or what not) this is not the chair for you.


I have Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Computer Chair and I strongly recommend it . I have never been a real fan of mesh chair but once i put this chair together I sure changed my mind. It takes a little to get the back to connect the bottom but once it it fits tight. You get several adjustments from the headset which adjust in two device ways to the arm rest which has 3.

The chair is comfortable. The chair is rather heavy thought. With it solid metal base and connecting pieces it should last a long time compared to those plastic chair. I have been using this chair for a week now and love it. You really get what you pay for. It may cost more then some other chair but well worth the price. I even did a video to show you some of the adjustments and to show you how to connect it together. Ancheer did a great job with this chair. It a must if you spend hours upon hours in front of your PC. Before purchased I read great reviews about it on