questionsanybody got a fast food special for lunch today?


For pizza, there are always a number of good deals for Dominos and Papa Johns if you like their pizza. Check on their websites or do a quick google search.


@tbgolladay: Thanks. That's a good option.

@90mcg112: Thanks, but I was hoping for a half off sale or something rather than the usual specials. I'd have to get two pizzas to feed the three of us. I just dropped an unexpected $1,300 on emergency vet bills and my property taxes are due. I am past broke and in the red but I need to provide for my volunteer nurses..


Pizza hut has a $10 any pizza/ unlimited toppings deal, that could be good.

Taco Bell is always good for mass amounts of food on the cheap. You get get two boxes of tacos (something like 24 tacos I think) for $20.

EDIT: try retailmenot as well. I got an email recently from them for a 15% off any Pizza Hut purchase. If anything is active, it'll probably be on there.


@thedogma: LOL, ya'll are in a differently priced market than me. For $20 I could take the three of us to a mom and pop place for a sit-down meal. But thanks for the reminder about retailmenot, there are some potentially useful coupons on there. I wonder of the 35% off on Papa Johns is still valid? Unfortunately it's just valid on large and not the really big one so I'd still have to get two. So far it's that or the BK chicken sandwiches.


@moondrake: I believe it is. The 35% is a Super Bowl tie in, so I feel it should be active for a while.


Do you have a Costco in the area? Large hot dog w/soda - $1.50, HUGE pizza $10 (one will definitely feed three people) you don't have to be a member to walk up to the food court, even if it is inside


@theoneill555: Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about Costco. I haven't ever had their hot dogs, we get them at Sam's all the time, but I don't have a Sam's membership, I go with a friend. I mostly get sodas and those awesome chocolate dipped ice creams at Costco. I am a member there, so I could go hit them up for three hot dog deals for like $5. I didn't know you didn't have to be a member to go to the food court, although it does have a different door so I can see that working. Interesting. Thanks!


Well, I set out for Costco, but got derailed as the streets downtown in that direction were gridlocked, an exceptionally rare phenomenon here. It looked like there was some problem on the freeway where it runs under downtown and the cars were getting off and passing through downtown during lunch hour. After sitting through the same light three times and watching my 60 minute lunch ticking by I aborted and went to Burger King for BOGO chicken sandwiches and I found a Sonic coupon on the floor of my car for BOGO burgers so I swung by there and grabbed a couple. The guys enjoyed both. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I did learn that Sonic (at least locally) will be having their foot long hot dogs on half price on February 2nd -- I think it said something about in celebration of groundhog day.


@theoneill555: I've partaken in that $1.50 special several times but I don't really like Coke products(only tolerate Mello Yellow and they don't carry that) and the dogs just aren't what they used to be years back, the dogs are OK just not great but for $1.50 with lots of onions and catchup they are edible ;)


I think the $1.50 hot dog deal is one of the best values out there. I saw on TV the price had not changed since the eighties.
You can always believe what you see on TV, right? (twinge of sarcasm to be noted)