questionsany suggestions finding narrow standing wire…


It's going to be tough to find because something that skinny and tall will fall over easily. You'd certainly have to anchor it to the wall.
I wonder if you could rig up some sort of hanging solution like this:
Those shelves probably aren't "tall" enough for what you want to store, but you could cut some shelves out. Also, I don't know how it would hold up to the humidity in the bathroom... Anyway, just a thought, mount a hook of some kind in the wall and hang something like that from it in that space.


Perhaps something like this?

It's a little narrower than what you're seeking, but it may give you (or other Wooters) some ideas for a very simple DIY project.


Sounds like you need something like this storage cabinet - if it would fit. Exactly how much space do you have? The difference between 8" and 9 1/2" makes all the difference.

Or maybe a couple of these paper holders stacked?


Thanks for all the suggestions! They are all good possibilities. I think before I decide on any of them I'll keep looking for a plain wire one just in case there is somewhere I've forgotten to check, but I will keep all your links and ideas.
Thanks again.


Hey, I get my wire rack shelves from a friend that owns a convenience store. I also have been known to drive behind the local grocery store and if there are some back there it never hurts to ask. Sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's a no. Heck, even if there aren't any out back it doesn't hurt to ask. I've had brand new in the box really nice shelving gave to me that they never put out because of space or whatever. A little debranding and you're good to go.


It's not wire shelving, but I just spotted this over on another site and thought it might be helpful. I think it's closer to 9" so it might be too wide.


Ikea is a great source for that kind of thing ....