questionscan you read this out loud?


yeah, pretty simple....I saw this on facebook last week. Unfriended the 2 people who shared it with me.


And so...It's simple and I'm a week late. :-/

Friends? Really? No, seriously?


Readable but very annoying. Whoever wrote this should be forced to read really boring books for a long time, a few years or so.


Actually anyone can do this with any text. Just keep the first & last letters of each word in the proper place and jumble the rest. Don't substitute any numerals for letters either. Our brains figure out what we are supposed to read based on our language & reading comprehensive experience.


@kamikazeken: Yeah, my first thought upon seeing this was "Oh yay, the excrement from Facebook has now exploded and is invading Woot".


I saw this early this morning, but forgot to read it.


This is just a form of 1337 speech that has been around for 30 years. It seems that every generation "discovers" this or another form of language (Pig Latin as an old example) that the old folk can't read or understand, only to be disappointed when the geezers understand it just fine!

As a techie geezer who has been a programmer since the '60s, I've managed to disappoint several generations of kids by reading their unreadable notes and hearing their unhearable ring tones.


I began using a form of speed writing over 40 years ago. Fast way to take notes & make lists. Not shorthand w/symbols. You just dropped all, or most of, the vowels. Have seen the other form of this one where you keep the 1st & last letters in place. Didn't realize that everyone else (inc. FB members) had seen this one, too.

Thought it was an amazing example of what the brain can do. And a fun, lighthearted, innocuous question. I was wrong. Again. :-(

Sorry. Apologies for taking up space here.


@gmwhit: In my opinion, while the original post is somewhat annoying to many, the ensuing discussion about it has turned out to be interesting.

All's well that ends well. Right?