questionschallenge: laptop cable- gateway liteon pa-1650-02


If your power cable is frayed, you can do much worse than just lose charge: computers don't like short circuits!

Rather than buying a laptop-specific brick, have you considered an iGO? ( You buy a single brick, plus a tip for each device that needs charging. Saves a lot of weight when you travel!

If you do buy an iGO, make certain that the model you are buying supports your next laptop-- they make cheaper, lower wattage ones that are only rated for MP3 players and cellphones and midrange ones that will support netbooks and most laptops. But if the next laptop you buy has a discrete video card, it will need one of the higher end iGO models.

P.S. @staff: This isn't the first time I've seen this sort of question on Deals. Maybe iGO would go for a sponsored deal? Woot sold some iGO products at one point, though it's been quite a while.


@heymo Well, their site is down, but there is a 20% discount code labeled APRIL20 which makes me think they've been down for the past week.

Or it could mean the 20%


@abramokids: Sorry about that! You're right-- they were down this AM, but FWIW the site is back up now.