questionsdid you know that abc cancelled last resort?


Shows don't really "grow" into hits. Usually, a show 3 seasons in won't receive a bump of new viewers simply for surviving. The only recent exception to the norm I can think of is The Big Bang Theory, which I believe doubled their ratings over 3 seasons.

Season Premieres (and 1/2-season premieres) consistently have the highest ratings of the bunch. If people don't like the pilot, they don't watch it anymore. You might see ratings boosts during sweeps when they have big-name guest stars and directors coming in, but it is normal for ratings to continually drop in succeeding weeks until the Season Finale. If a show doesn't retain enough viewers throughout enough weeks, it gets canned. It's a pretty consistent formula for success.

I feel bad for Shawn Ryan, as his past three shows, all of which I have loved, have been canceled after 1 season, with The Shield and The Unit being his only multi-season series.

Be happy you got a 13 episode run; most shows never make it past the pilot.


@curtisuxor: Shows don't really grow into hits anymore. They used to. Cheers had horrible rating its first season. The X-Files never really found an audience until it was moved to Sunday nights after its (I think) third season. There are other examples but these are the first two that come to my mind.
The thing is with cable being almost ubiquitous and so many people DVRing shows or watching them online, the way people watch television is changing and the number of viewers that shows can expect to get on a first television airing is lower than it has been in the past. The old model for deciding what's a hit and what's not doesn't really work anymore. Unfortunately the way television shows are funded, through ad revenue which is based on the ratings primarily for an episode' first airing hasn't changed too much. (They are starting to factor in DVR and online viewings within 3 days of airing and get more funding through product placement). And, so, a lot of shows don't last very long.


They tried everything to save it, cancelling was a Last Resort........


I really enjoy the show, but the whole time I was watching it I had the feeling it wasn't going to make it to season 2.


I love Andre Braugher, and was really excited for the show and set the DVR for the season. About three episodes in I gave up, though, for no reason I can identify beyond I just didn't care. It seemed to have a lot of potential, but never found it.


@gt0163c: I've often thought that Firefly might have been given a chance if it aired now. It was first aired right on the cusp of these changes and was judged by the old metric. Of course, showing the episodes out of order and more or less randomly, the network seemed to be trying to undermine it, so perhaps it was doomed the failure no matter what.


@moondrake: I've wondered that myself. It seems like Firefly hit the perfect storm of bad in terms of a network that seemingly didn't understand the show and treated it as bad as it could have and a lack of interest by the general public in sci-fi/fantasy and shows with ongoing story lines.I also wonder if the show could have survived if it has been at least shown in order and not regularly preempted. We'll never know but it's interesting to speculate.


Too bad - I found it more entertaining than I had expected to.

I find it interesting to compare Last Resort - IMO a kind of lame premise, but good writing and acting in individual episodes, with Revolution - (again IMO) an interesting premise, but terrible writing and acting in individual episodes.


@moondrake: Fox is always going to have huge problems with fall series as long as they have the MLB playoffs. Their shows get disrupted in a very unpredictable manner, and even people that want to watch a given show get frustrated give up.


I thought the story-line sounded intriguing but I guess I may be one of the reasons it got cancelled. I never saw an episode.


They had me until they jumped the shark with the BZ boogieman.
Total BS.

That was on purpose by the way.


Well, I hated to see this show get cancelled. I was truly enjoying the complex and provocative narrative it weaved. It is gratifying to know that another engaging series ONCE UPON A TIME is still in production. I find so very little on television to watch these days. Most shows are vulgar, profane and stupid. And that's just the reality tv shows, the comedies and dramas are almost as bad.

A show like LAST RESORT was an oasis in a vast tv wasteland. With it gone, there is one less hour of good programming and entertainment available to me and to others who believe the same.