questionswhat is a good, cheap-ish dress watch?


Skagen makes a decent watch and offers many styles, like this one (your preferences):

I have several. Most cost between $50 - $150. Search Amazon for deals. I'm very hard on watches, so never spend more than that.


Wow that IS a slick looking watch. Previously I was only sticking to brands I knew of like Seiko and Orient. I'd never even heard of Skagen before. I'll have to check out their offerings too.


@thefenst: Thanks but I need something a little more dressy.
And I'd rather get one from an actual watchmaker.


ESQ by Movado has nice men's watches... like this one:

Here's a link for more styles:


@stryker4526: Understandable. Just so you know, my Invicta 8926C has been mistaken for a Rolex Submariner, an Omega Seamaster, and a Tag Heuer Aquaracer.


@stryker4526: ooh and 2 grand cheaper.. hmm I'll have to think about getting that one as well, what a steal!


I owned a Skaggen for a few years and it was great. The strap broke and I emailed them through the website and never received a response.

So they are cool looking and moderately priced. But the quality isn't amazing and customer service isn't great. That being said, I would buy again.

HOWEVER, be careful what you buy. Some of the watched are painted or something and the color scratches off easily. I'd say to stick with the titanium color.

ESQ by Movado is a nice line, but if you're going to get a Movado you have to get a real one. No chronographs or fancy doo dads. Just the plain face. If you're going to spend all that money on a Movado without getting a watch that has their signature look, you might as well buy anything else.


I really like Nixon brand watches they are more on the sporty side but definitely a solid watch


Thanks to you turds I just splurged on a watch.


@thefenst: I'm not a watch snob, but am a watch enthusiast. I like my invicta, but owning 2 omegas (vintage and modern seamasters) and a tag, i can say pretty absolutely that you wouldn't mistake one for the other, except maybe at distance.

Not saying they are bad watches, i have one myself (same as the one you linked, except with a bluish face)just suggesting that the observer certainly wasn't a timepiece nut.

OP - i'll second the vote for skagen as decent affordable watches.. a bonus is that they are very light.

Someone else mentioned citizen - i like citizen a lot in the sub 200 range. If you upped your price requirement from 150-200, you'd open up a whole line of ecodrives that you'd be overlooking (unless on a sale - citizen will often have sales that bring a good many of their models to within striking distance or better, depending on time of the year (continued)


Also - while i consider most KC watches to be of the fossil ilk (low end of the midrange watches) - they do have a few very nice watches for around 100-125.

Avoid fossil unless you're still in high school, or drive a no options base model bmw 3 series, and can barely make payments... a skagen that is cheaper will say better things about you than pretty much any fossil, guess, gucci, or similar shopping mall brand. (if that's what you're wearing a watch for, which since you mentioned its for decoration on your wrist at a wedding, i'll assume it is)

Some of my favorite watches are these quirky japanese things that cost about 18 dollars. they are unique and functional.. but it may not be the look you're going for.. just trying to make the point that you can find great watches inexpensively.. and name won't matter if its interesting enough... but if you DO insist on a name - make sure you don't get the jersey shore special (fossil) or other pretender mall brand - it'll backfire.


I love watches. I have a collection that ranges from couple of 4-figure watches down to some of the off-brand stuff you find on Overstock. By far I get the most "sincere" compliments on my Nixon watches: Based on what you are looking for ($150, steel band, black or grey face), I'd recommend looking at the Falcon, the Capitol, or the Private. They're all in your price range, all "dressy", and they really are very well built.


Relic makes very elegant watches that look good with a suit or jeans and they have a bunch that are actually on sale now under $100. Probably some of the nicest watches I've seen for that price. Would def recommend checking them out.