questionsis the deals.woot! email "paging" system down?


i like how the tags were updated and this was moved to chat, but without any response to the question...


@smtatertot13 Wouldn't know, I hate getting emails from Woot so I turned them all off.


@smtatertot13: We're working on it.
We'll post back in here when we get an update.

All told.


@jumbowoot: FWIW I just received an email a monment ago abfor this post (, so maybe they're starting to seep through!


@smtatertot13: lol!! tragedy!
i think it's still being sporadic. i got an email just now about something posted 14 hours ago. so.. i replied, late..


@w00tgurl: yeah, i've gotten a number of them in the wrong order too. nothing like replies replying to things that haven't been replied yet!


All the old lagged notifications are being sent out in random ordering because: (you pick one)

1) We like to make your inbox all confusing.
2) Our email servers are run according to this theorem:
3) It is up to the whim of the TCP/IP model:


@josefresno: Nonsense. They're being sent out in order of the combined average popularity of the commenter, and any people commented upon. For example, this message would be a priority of @shrdlu (99, last I looked), @josefresno (97), @smtatertot13 (100), @jumbowoot (97), and @wootgurl (99), for a grand total of 98.5! Clearly, this one will get priority over earlier, but less important messages...

Unless the popularity of the sender somehow causes a slight delay... Oh, dear, back to the chalkboard.


@josefresno: i pick one? sir, you are forcing me to think like the woot email servers today.