questionshave you ever bought gift cards from a website…


I've never purchased from them, but I have sold to them. I think it was plasticjungle, though I checked out multiple sites to find where I could get the most cash back for my particular brand of gift card. It was a totally simple process and I had the cash deposited in my paypal account very quickly.

I've heard rumors on the interwebs that some of these sites are more reputable than others when selling. Once you find one, i recommend checking out their Facebook wall to see if people are posting negative things, and as always, do a big ole google search for info on them as well.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but good luck!


@smtatertot13: Thanks for your reply and suggestion.


I haven't but I'm pretty hesitant of them. I've looked into getting PSN cards cheap on eBay, and I've almost made a mistake. They don't actually sell the gift cards, but they sell an account with X amount of credit on it. Which isn't particularly useful if you have a pre-existing account.

I'm sure that not all instances are like that, but make sure to read the fine print pretty closely before going after any sort of discounted gift card.

On a more positive note, I do remember a TV commercial a couple years ago advertising such a service. They would take unwanted gift cards (giving you money) and sell whatever people gave them at something of a discount. So theoretically, there is a reputable way to get gift cards cheaper.


I buy gift cards all the time on ebay, I'd say I pay on average 80-85 cents on the dollar. Paypal protects my purchase so I dove in and got a $250 JCPenny merchandise credit for $220 and used it for my kid's school clothes. I would assume the seller is some dude who stole from the store and then returned it... but who am I to make outlandish assumptions?


@thedogma: Selling discounted cards for things like Xbox Gold and PSN are a different breed. Those are ripe with scammers selling fake or stolen things, though, as always, there are some reputable sellers fo such things.

My assumption (and that's all it was) was that we're talking about a Home Depot, Target, Pier One, etc. type of gift card. While it's still the transfer of money, and thus open for scammy business, it's not as rampant. As long as you check out the site prior to selling/buying, you should be good.


I've made multiple purchases from cardpool and each experience has been positive. I think I've also made one from ABC gift cards and no problems with them either. Hope this helps!


Don't deal with PlasticJungle
I've never bought anything from 'em, but I have sold to them.. it went unbelievably bad lol.. It took a few weeks and like 50 phone calls to get my money. The money was supposed to be sent to me right away.

They had my gift card, acknowledged they'd received it and verified it, but wouldn't send me my money, they had a bunch of excuses.. And their call center is outsourced which made things a lot more fun.

Eventually I had to work my way up the phone chain to some American director, which is the only reason I got my money.. and I doubt I would have if I didn't threaten 'em haha

If you haven't already checked out their ratings, read this


I've bought from several of them -,, and Never had a problem with any of my purchases. Always positive experiences. Sorry to hear all the horror stories about PJ - will probably avoid.

Note that some of them are gift cards, and some are store credits. They usually will specify which are which. Also make sure that if you get store credits that you can use them online - some stores (Advance Auto comes to mind) do not allow.

One thing I did & will probably do again was to buy a discounted $25 Toys-R-Us gift card every paycheck, then take the stack of them to the store on Black Friday and get all of my Xmas shopping done at once.

You are going to get the best discounts on the less mainstream stores. MalWart etc usually sell at a 2-3% discount, whereas less popular chains like Boston Market were regularly as low as 25% or more off.

Never spent more than a couple hundred bucks at once, though.

Just my experience.


Continued: My favorite was to buy Petco gift cards at 10% off, combine it with the 10% off (or even 20%!) coupons they periodically mailed out, and with the 10% "200lb club" discount when our dogs food was on sale.

I don't seem to get the 10% coupons any more, and the last time I bought that much they had dropped the 200lb discount to 5%.

The 200 lb club was if you bought (you guessed it) 200 lbs of dog food in a single purchase. Guess it would have worked for cat food too. Used to shop there twice a year.


@drchops: I can see why you said don't deal with them. One and one-half stars out of five and most of the complaints are the same.


Very useful question, thanks! @drchops: just lost PJ a customer that they never had. Thanks for the warning.


@75grandville: I've just made my first purchase from They had 14% off of Petsmart cards. Since that's where I take my dog to be groomed I thought I'd try that one first. offered 12% off and offered 10% off.


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