questionsdo you ever type out a long thought out answer to…


I've done it a few times. Heck I've done it a few times with questions too. It usually happens when I'm the first person answer a question though. I'll type out a long and thought out 5 minute answer, then I'll open the question in another tab (before I hit submit) and see that 3 people have suddenly all answered basically the same thing.


I often type out answers, and then lose the window they were in. I curse like a sailor, and then try to retype it. Once in a while I type a long answer, hit submit, and then realize it's more information than I really feel like sharing, and I'll either edit it way down, or delete it.

I've canceled out on a few, also. It's not so much whether I think it'll be interesting as whether I want to get involved in a particular question. Sometimes things are very political, or emotionally charged, and I always regret commenting. Always. Every single time.


Sure, at least once or twice a week.

Sometimes, it's because I realize that I really have nothing more to add to a given thread once I get my ideas down to 1000 characters or less.

More often, it is because I realize that there is no way to explain my point in 1000 (or even 2000) characters, or that I really don't care enough about my point to possibly have to defend it later.

And then there are the times that, like @shrdlu mentions above, the window closes due to gremlins or the phase of the moon (but it is never due to my own clumsiness in clicking ANYWHERE outside the window within THREE FEET of the computer).


Yeah I do that a lot. I often delete what I've got and retype my response a few times before finally deleting it.

Or I post it after taking way too long and in the meantime someone else says the same thing more eloquently.


Man, I wish I did. My problem is that I write what I think, and I come across as abrupt and opinionated.
Funny enough, in person I am not a complete a** hole, just very concerned about certain issues.


All the time. Sometimes I will write a really precise answer to a question and hit "submit" just to find some did a quick answer without the explanations and then I will delete it.


More often than I like. Sometimes I'll even type it out then cut it and paste it somewhere in case I change my mind and decide to post it, that way I don't have to re-type the whole thing.


All of the time. I actually have a word doc that I pre-type my responses in (doing this now). At first, it was for spell/grammar check purposes and to also avoid the “mystery close-out window dilemma”. Then I realized that most of the time, my responses weren’t as humorous or thought provoking as I meant them to be. So I hit cancel.

Funny thing is, I have been saving the responses and just kept building on the word doc. It’s amusing to read some of the things I typed out but never sent. It’s amazing how your mood is reflected in your answers.


Long maybe, well thought out: Never!


Yes, and @shrdlu wrote it better than I could. I do this often. I would for this reply since it really does not add anything worth typing except it answers the question asked!


-sigh- what happens to me is I type up a long response, click to another window to reference a link. Then I come back clicking off the little box I was typing in and it completely clears out everything I have typed. I hate when that happens and then I have to retype everything and it makes even less sense than it did before I wrote it the first time. Sometime's I'll type my responses in Notepad but then I fall into a false sense of security and type them up on woot until it happens again.


Yeah I've had the misfortune of doing it too, really frustrating that I need to open up notepad and write it there because of bad UI design. If the web dev sees this, please consider changing the UI for replies/ questions.


I did that once, to a friend's Facebook post, and by the time I was done, she'd deleted the status. :)


@bbdickso1: I do the same thing. Interesting to look at it weeks later. Sometimes I wonder if I was intoxicated (I rarely drink) when I wrote it and sometimes I find a "gem" learn something about myself.


Yep. Done it on several occasions and then realize someone quicker, smarter or wiser posted damn near what I was going to say. You wooters.. too smart for your own good!


Yes, I'm too verbose as it is.


When I am going into an emotional meeting or something that is making me mad I find writing it in email helps me calm down a ton and also helps me get my thoughts better arranged. It helps me get my point across alot better in person or many times calms me down enough that I dont need to send the email / have the conversation anymore ....

though usually its just enough to take of the edge so I can be logical rather than emotional about a thing


are we talking about length or quality here? (/innuendo)
- if length, no. brevity is something-something...
- if quality...well, also no. because my fingers will be all, "hey, we should make a fart joke!" or "hey, you should discuss your impending divorce!" and then my brain will protest, but i'll have already hit "submit."

it's a good thing i'm not on the front lines of a big internet company or something.