questionsdo they blast music at your gym?


yes....and no. They play classic rock very low. Most times, I forget it's even there. In the cardio rooms they blast electronic pop. ew.

Just to keep it deals related, I take my Motorola bluetooth headphones that I got on Woot! for $20 and everyone hated because they were "too tight" (they have to be so you can run in them). I really like them because I have control over my music, I can leave my phone in the gym locker, and my workouts are never restricted.


My current gym is my basement, and yes, they play music there. I tend to agree with the selection though, so I'm happy with it.


@tctk1044: More or less the same here. My exercise is walking, so my gym is my neighborhood. Sometimes I play music on my Sansa Clip (also bought here at Woot), sometimes I just listen to the sounds of life around me. Sometimes that includes music blasting from someone's home or car. Loud music is kind of an oroborus. You play music too loud and damage your hearing, so you have to play it louder to get the same result which damages your hearing more, and so on till you are driving along in a car equipped with a stereo that cost more than it did blasting music that's shaking the windows of the houses you pass and you still can't hear it well enough to enjoy it.


Nope. Both gyms I've been a member of have been quite. One was a pricey health club and the other was a cheap Planet Fitness. TVs both places have no volume. You plug into a headphone port to listen. You want music, bring headphones. I think that's how it should be honestly.


TV's with speakers on? That's as wrong as the music. I think Closed Captioning on but easy access for headphones is much better.


Oh yea, that is a gripe I have with one of the locations I go to. And what is worse is it depends on the employee. If they want it loud, it is LOUD and tuned to whatever genre they want.

I've asked, "why do you play this so loud when everyone in here has their own device to listen to what they want?" blank stare

And it usually is loud and inappropriate for working out. Bad rap with no discernible beat over the cheap ceiling tile speakers ? Check. Early 70s favorites by the Carpenters? Check. Etc etc.

And one more thing...since I'm in ACC country, one would think the lugnuts who stand up front and dully gaze at you as you scan your card would put the ACC Tournament basketball on one of the 6 TVs there.

Nope, the guy says he can't change it and so we're subjected to figure skating.


@nmchapma: Wait a minute.. what is the RANGE on those things?