questionsshould woot! make a "bump" button to help keep…


Absolutely not, it would get abused too much I think. Everyone would constantly keep their own deals fresh and it would be impossible to find fresh deals.


I do think something is needed. For instance, there are SO many duplicate deals that get lost because they're no longer fresh. Others post the deal again, that get's deleted (sometimes), and the original deal is left floundering.

Maybe the 'bump' could be requested from staff, and they would be able to make it current. Not sure what is needed, but definitely agree that something is.

Of course, another way to make your own deal 'new' again is to expire your old one & relist it. Sometimes that is done to make it timely again. Price changes are always a good reason to expire & relist.


If you think of upvotes as bumps, then the Top tab/Popular Flow is how you see what's getting bumped.


You could always do what some have done: expire and repost your deal. I won't name any names, though. And I don't encourage that kind of behavior.


I don't think the bump button is the answer, but only because I can't envision is properly. Instead, I think there could be a tab or area for hot deals of the week, month, etc. that might solve the issue.

For instance, Outback had a deal to buy $100 of gift card and get $20. That deal was originally posted by me, but there were several duplicates over the next few weeks because it was a longer term deal and my original post got buried after a day or so.

It seems like there could be a formula or criteria (such as expiration dates) to put deals in a certain category that gives them a longer term prominence.


@wnyx585am: Like: This, This, and This? (These are on the Popular tab to the right of popular flow)


@lordwoot: I completely forgot about those. Like many things, the solution to some issues is right in front of you or already solved if you just see it in the right way. :)