questionsshould all woot-offs have a theme?


I used to enjoy woot-offs(in a previous life) but now I honestly don't care if there is ever another one. I just don't have the thrill of the chase anymore, you know?


Well, it might bring some fun into it at least ...

(obligatory WORST WOOT-OFF EVER!) ...


Yes - and the theme SHOULD ALWAYS BE - Sell Good Stuff At A Great Price.

Otherwise, I don't really care. Ever since bacon went away with a Woot-Off it's just not the same.


Woot-off's used to have accidental themes. They would be heavily stacked with one or two types of products and earn their own nicknames. Sansa woot-off, earbud woot-off, knives for knaves woot-off, etc. The overall theme was that it was a last ditch chance to get a (possibly) great item for a steal.

So in that sense, yes. Woot-offs should have a theme, that theme. Possibly great stuff for incredibly low prices woot-off


yes. themes be good.
and real deals. Not just the same price that it usually goes for when it gets put back in the Woot cycle of deals of the day.
And more fun stuff.

But when folks are waiting while woot killers are up........ there is not much fun anymore.
There seems to be a humor shortage and an influx of crabbiness.
Yes Yes, I get what some of the crabbiness is there. But humor --- fun picture and such should always be there no matter what. That is up to us ! The proverbial lemonade, kwim?


Honestly, I don't even know whey they still have woot-offs... It made sense when they only sold 1 item a day because it was special to see multiple items in one day. With all the different sites and plus deals, you get that now anyway. A woot-off used to have items that really were the last few remaining in stock. Now, woot-off items are seen on a plus deal the day after the woot-off.
I think it's time woot just list all their items for sale at one time, give us a search feature and a shopping cart, and let us buy what we want without having to wait for it to show up in a woot-off or plus deal. Basically, make their site work like Amazon. Right now they're somewhere in between a deal-a-day site and a full-blown online retailer like Amazon and...well, it's just weird...


@ceagee: I agree with the funny pictures and such, but the problem is there are fewer wooters watching the woot-off. The woot-offs are so stale and predictable that hardly anybody is taking the time to hang-out in the forums. That's on woot to fix the woot-off and the users will return. Once the wooters are back, there will be more funny pictures and discussion. As Darth Vader said, "If you build it, they will come."


@bsmith1: excellent point.

and in the spirit of things :