questionswho should get missy?


Nope. He left her behind, so she should get a new home. I know he thought he was doing the right thing, but he didn't go back for her. Not cool.


The issue is going to be decided in court. My guess is that the original owner will relinquish ownership in a plea deal to avoid penalties. I can sort of understand his initial abandonment, but he should have returned ASAP to get the dog, much like the initial rescue hikers did. At the very least, he should have been a participant in the rescue instead of stepping forward after everyone else did the work. The bottom line is: No, I don't think the original owner should (or will) get the dog back.


That's a messed up story, I hope the dog ends up with someone who cares for it.

But, the title of this thread reminded me of one of my favorite bits: Missing Missy
Warning: slightly grown-up language in the link & website.


Wow! 8 days later he comes to say, yeah that's my dog and I want her back? He couldn't have posted himself that he was trying to get his injured dog? I mean, he posted that he wanted her back?! What a jerk, I can't imagine leaving a dog up there and not doing everything humanly possible to get her back, and long before 8 days!


@90mcg112: Seen it and it's hilarious. :) As for the OP, if anyone awards custody of that dog to the original owner they are legally insane themselves.


I'm not generally a violent person, but I could give it some serious consideration under the right circumstances.

I don't know anything about climbing, but why would someone take a dog on a climb this tricky, knowing he might not be able to get her back down if she injured herself? How can someone leave a dog -- especially their own dog -- to die alone, injured, hungry, thirsty, and cold, but mostly alone and abandoned?

No, he shouldn't get a second chance.


This is Max, my 4-footed hairy Brother...he passed away 2 years ago. For 16 years he was my Father's devoted partner, if my Father wasn't feeling well or had problems Max would go get Mom. When Mom fell off her horse and broke her wrist, Max found Dad and led him to her location. Even in his twilight years when his arthritic joints made it hard for him some days he adored my Grandbabies tolerating their poking fingers and allowing them to hold his tail as they learned to toddle.

That fool NEVER should have taken that dog on that climb and I'm quite sure she would NEVER have left him behind to die...she deserves to stay with the people who cared enough to save her.


Wow, the hikers should for sure get the dog, they risked their lives for a dog that had its life risked by a stupid, inconsiderate "owner." The guy really is the lowest of the low...

The worst part? That dog would walk right up to him and be ready to go home given the chance. The biggest difference ever between dogs and cats, dogs usually give unquestionable loyalty whether the "owner" deserves love, or a beating. This guy should grow a soul and accept his failings and do what is best by just leaving the dog to people who WILL do whatever it takes. There is zero reason for him to have left her, zero. His life wasn't in danger since they got there, they had to have a way back without going the way he wanted to go.

Just proves that some people simply don't see "pets" as living creatures, and just as decorations. Sickening.


Someone who would;
a: not take their dog on that level of climb
b: not leave their dog to die
c: not have the hubris to ask for the dog bag, now that other people worked and risked their safety to save her.

He and a "friend" got out - the friend never thought to ask about Missy either? Who the French Fairy Twinks are these people?


He abandoned the dog and left it to die. It's not his now. You don't take responsibility for something and then leave it to die when it's not convenient for you.


I'd take her in an instant but they probably already have someone closer who wants her. I read that story last week and I am still angry about it.

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