questionswhat do you think about wrestling being removed…


I believe they did that to make room for golf and rugby that is being added to the program for 2016


I read this story this morning. It seems that even in the Olypmics you cannot get away from corruption.

It is my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) that each event in the Pentathalon (aside from Pistol Shooting) is featured as an individual event in the Olympics already. So they're leaving in an event that includes 4 events already in the Olympics, to remove an event that has been around since the Olympics first began? Makes sense. Also 71 countries participate in Wrestling vs the 36 individuals who participated in the Pentathalon in 2012.


Got to keep in the elitist sports. But let's face it, it is no longer the place of part time athletes or college kids trying to live a dream by playing for their country. It has become a place of elitism so the sports might as well match.


Elitist? I'm sure Rafalca has absolutely no idea what you're talking about!


I think it's a terrible idea. The sports that were part of the original competition that are still practiced today should continue to be included in the Olympics. Unfortunately, like everything else, tradition must be sacrificed for cash. You can only sell advertising on Olympic sports that are popular with the masses.


The Olympic spirit seems to be les and less compatible with a multi-national high-prestige $$$ committee-driven event.


I hate it....removed a sport where the Olympics were the pinnacle of the sport and replaced it with a sport where the players really don't care. There is no money to win, and it won't even be a top 5 event to them. Golf is heavily favored for "industrialized" countries whereas wrestling brings a much more even field. Simply pathetic to me.


The really crazy thing is that I actually enjoy watching the sports that they don't think people will watch. I mean, I don't enjoy watching them regularly, but during the Olympics, there's a completely different feel to them. It's all a sham anyway. Has been for some time. I mean, did you watch the Beijing Olympics?


It's all gone down hill since they started making the athletes wear clothes.


The Olympics is supposed to be a physical contest of sport. extreme precision and skill are not enough... there's no olympic astronomy event, or olympic quantum mechanics events.

This has changed in the modern era, in small increments to blur the lines, so that things requiring not so much physical contest, but extreme skill, concentration and precision are included as well.. which is fine UNTIL they start attacking the core sports.

nothing embodies the spirit of the olympics more than wrestling. When the ancient greeks gathered their city-states in physical contests instead of warring... wrestling was there. Pitting your champion against another... relying solely on your training, physicality, and will to win. How do we nix wrestling, but leave sports such as synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, or badminton (especially after the many many rigging controversies with that last one)? I'm not saying nix any of them in particular, but let's not get silly.


I hope some international wrestling group stages a big event as counter-programming to the Olympia, and the wrestling event gathers ratings sufficient to embarrassed the IOCC. I would watch....


To be clear, I used my examples to illustrate that they certainly don't deserve the spot more than wrestling, not to single them out for exclusion. I find the Olympics GREAT for exposing people to the lesser known competitions (some of which, like rhythmic, seem to exist only for the Olympics, lol) - As some of the alternate sports have been added over the years (and many taken away as well) - I've often found myself saying "wow - that's a sport? i thought it was a drinking game!" - There have also been plenty of competitions that mimicked the times they were played in... Many of the horseback competitions originated with now highly skilled cavalry officers returning from a bloody world war I. I get it. There isn't room for everything, and the lineup will constantly change... But even considering the entirety of the ancient competitions, along with the modern Olympics, wrestling is second only to running events in age and duration of inclusion. Everything else came after.


It's horrible. Not only is it the oldest sport, and added to the Olympics in 708 BC, it's a solo sport. You win or lose based on your own merits, and your opponents. Yet, they keep silly sports like water polo. Heck, get rid of basketball.. it's all pro's anyways.

Wrestling is a great sport, it crosses socio-economic boundaries, and is quintessential Olympiad.


I was waiting for Hulk Hogan to take on Rick Flair this year, I guess it won't happen now.....


@axphw1: I was going to make a comment similar to yours, but I give you props on that. However, wouldn't nude wrestling be kind of awkward, especially when starting in the referee's position?


I think Olympic TV ratings in San Francisco are gonna "go down"....Just sayin.


stuff like trampoline or rythmic gymnastics should be gone. I'm no big fan of wrestling, but the olympics are THE ONE PLACE where wrestling should remain.