questionscan i ask the mods for a favor?


I second that motion! I don't get to check in as frequently as I used to, and I feel I am missing out on the shenanigans. Don't confuse me any more than I already am!


"However, I feel that it makes it much easier for regular users to identify and report bad actors if we can see past history of bad acts perpetrated here. Otherwise, it tends to look like a one-off which may or may not get reported and could be easily overlooked. Thanks!"

I agree with this reasoning.



I don't think I will ever get used to calling human beings "mods" (the first thing I always think of is "mods and rockers" from a time before most of you were even born). While I recognize that some of the staff here have a basic function of providing a light (for the most part) supervision of the forums, and that sometimes the lines are blurred between the Woot sites, and the Deals (which has a less structured form, and differing rules), I still use the term "staff" (or refer to them by their chosen pseudonym, when it's more convenient).

I would like to see this suggestion (the preservation of past history) honored. Sometimes people learn from their mistakes, and I'm always happy to see those that do. Often, they do not. When a person (or persons) is exposed for basic shenanigans, I don't usually view it as the end of the world. It's usually more of an example of "Tragedy of the Commons" than anything deliberately felonious.


What I mean by that is the following:

Someone happens upon Deals dot Woot, and comes up with a brilliant idea to promote their stuff on Amazon (this is an example of things we've seen lately, and is honestly not directed at specific people/accounts). I genuinely believe that each person who does this is doing it because it seems like a good idea, and believes honestly that it hasn't been tried before.

They may even get a few friends together, and some of them even buy a shirt, or some other item, so they can vote things up. I suspect that the first few times anyone did this, it worked well. It just became more common, and more noticeable. I don't think that the intentions were all that bad; they probably thought of it as bending the rules.

It's just that the pool can only take so much crap before the filters can't handle it.

When the grazing grounds are public, sooner or later, someone will put more animals on it than the ground can support.



We do need to keep our history of discovery around. Not long ago, someone who has very nice manners, and probably the best of intentions, got a second pass at this all, because the previous discussions were all deleted. I know the deletions were well intentioned, but in the long run, it wasn't helpful to the rest of us.

The list of really bad actors is fortunately short (if you weren't around for the mystery boxes, or for dollar deals, you've missed the worst). We still need a long term history.

One of these days I'll find something else to distract me, and even I will move on to other places.

Everything changes. Everything.

[BTW, I cleverly saved this three comments off in a buffer so as to not be tricked by the lightbox]




Why not just make a "Deleted Deals" tab to send the offending deals to? Surely there is plenty of room next to the "Top", "Popular" and "Fresh" tabs to add one more! That way the nefarious deals are out of the mainstream listings, but preserved for future study / use by those inclined to peruse them.


@shrdlu: "We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods!"

Never thought of the mods here in that light until your comment. Gotta love The Who.


If the mods are the ones noticing the spammer then is there really a need for you to keep a list of these people to tell the mods?..


@mortar235: What leads you to believe that is what is happening?


@mortar235: The mods are not the ones noticing the spam. You see that little 'tattle' button at the bottom of your post? That is what the mods notice.


This isn't really a discussion of spam. It's a request to keep the history around when we've noticed that someone seems to be bending the rules. It is often a mistake in judgement, rather than any deliberate attempt to defraud. By keeping a history of the occasional mistake, we have somewhere to point to when it happens again.

Spam is pretty obvious, and I'd say that the staff on Deals (and on the Forums, too) notice it and deal with it. We help by pointing it out, but there is plenty that just vanishes without notice, as well. This is a different issue, and it's filled with gray areas.

I don't think most of us are asking for the Deals to be kept around so much as the specific commentary about them, and that just as often happens here on the Questions side (perhaps more) than it does over on Deals. There's no sense in keeping a deleted deal tab, since that just provides further traffic to the site. That's a reward that we don't want to provide.




@zuiquan: In the OPs question he asks the mods not to delete spammers comments. In order for a mod to delete said comments they must be aware of them (and therefore the spammer who posted them).


@mortar235: Yeah, I'm the OP. The mods delete the posts after we tattle on them. We'd like the posts to stay up on the board so we have some history to refer to.