questionsanyone's boc ship yet?


they usually take about a week. so be patient.
and if that doesn't work remember that shipping notices haven't always been punctual
also if you sign up for a my fedex account, you can track your packages via order number as a reference number.
plus the waiting and anticipating is almost always better than the crap itself


In addition to what moose said, don't forget that 153(?) orders were cancelled and then brought back by Woot! so they're likely having some difficulty getting all those extra orders together.


Why all the down votes? Sounds like a reasonable question to me. I was actually wondering the same thing since I've never gotten a BOC before and lately all my orders from woot besides this one have shipped the next day.


I skipped the whole drama. Now I'm glad, and $8 better off.


@jsimsace: but if you would have been one of the 153, we could have been twins :)


Downvotes probably because people feel like you're rubbing it in that you managed to get one. There are a lot of folks who are still angry over the escapade and that there were only 553 available, after 153 were conjured out of thin air. I'm not saying it is a good reason, but there you go.

I'm staying neutral on this one.


@lumpthar: I get that. I got mine the second day with the set rules, so I avoided a bit of the controversy. It just still says awaiting shipping.


It's been a week already? Man, time sure flies when you're having fun.


Mine shipped today. I'm excited :)