questionsdo you think about how many times you're recorded…


i don't want to think about it.


With movies like The Net, Enemy of the State, and TV programs like Person of I'd rather not.

I do, occasionally, look around and try and spot all the cameras. It can be revealing.


I combat the problem by leading such a dull life that nobody will notice me. I just kind of blend in to the background.

You can always tell a Milford man.


You are probably on camera right now. Smile.


It doesn't bother me. Sometimes I just strike a favorite is the Heisman Trophy one. Sometimes I get a strange look, but so far Wal-Mart hasn't banned me.


I wave at the surveillance cameras, even try to act suspicious.
A couple of things come to mind.

1. Surveillance cameras do not record audio.
2. Most (all?) companies do not do anything that would hurt their reputation with the video recorded.
3. Footage is closely guarded.
4. It is the worst of us that gets us all recorded.
5. The video recorder did not record himself and was careful to not catch his image in the reflective surfaces.


I just pretend that I'm a celebrity and that's just the paparazzi.