questionswhere should i buy replacement inkjet cartridges?


If you have a CartridgeWorld in your area I recommend them, they refill your emty cartridge with good quality ink. It is very easy to find cheap cartridges but the ink may mess up your printer. Lexmark has a fabulous trade-in program (buy 5, get one free and return 5 empties, get one free). Possibly Canon offers a similar program.


I just bought a couple of sets of chipped cartridges for my Pixma MX860 from Meritline. The price was right (I got all five cartridges for the price of ONE original Canon cartridge) and the reviews on the site were good.

I haven't used the ink long enough to know whether it will mess up my printer or not, but at this point I really don't much care. A brand new printer is about the same price as a complete set of the Canon ink cartridges. For my MX860 I can get a replacement print head for about $60, which is all that really would get messed up if the ink were truly "crappy".


@ohcheri: I Googled CartridgeWorld and there are a few locations near my office. I'll check them out. Now I feel silly for tossing the old empties when I purchased this set: I could have others on hand! Am I correct in reading from your experience that refilling does not mess up the print head?

@durkzilla: I had never through of Meritline for cartridges. Is the shipping time the typical 21-day estimate from China that I had with my last order? I purchased some "iPod cords" that ended up not fitting into an iPod, iPhone, iAnything once the cords finally arrived. I was unimpressed and haven't ordered from them since.

I'm curious about those semi-recent HP commercials claiming that genuine HP cartridges product more output than the knockoff cartridges. I wasn't sure if that was believable or not, and I haven't investigated.

That whole "the ink costs as much as a new printer" imbalance was what sparked my question actually. :)


@perkalicious11: The refills we buy from Cartridge World are used in our HP, going on 3 years with no problem. I had a "disposable" Canon and bought super cheap ink from eBay, that printer lasted about 2 years and it wasn't worth repairing so we tossed it and got the Lexmark.


@ohcheri @durkzilla: Someone else suggested I check Amazon. I see that the individual Canon-brand color tanks are ~$12.50 and the 4-pack of color tanks are ~$42. I do have Prime, so they'd get here in 2 days without me having to make a special trip, which I like. Is that similar to what I'd expect at CartridgeWorld/Meritline?

I feel like they were closer to $20/each when I purchased last summer from Office Max...or Office Depot. I'm not at either enough to remember the difference.

[edit] Sorry, I really wasn't thinking that unless you were shopping for / refilling these, that really isn't something you'd know offhand. I'll call CartridgeWorld; they should be able to give me a rough estimate, I'd think.


@perkalicious11: Shipping for me was ten days, but they shipped out of a US (Los Angeles) facility. SmartPost is slow from everywhere, not just Carrollton, TX.

I would tend to not believe HP's claims just based on my recent experience with the quality of the products they're producing lately.

If you don't want to refill them, you don't have to toss your empties - Staples Rewards program will pay you $2/each in store credit if you drop them off at the store to be recycled.


@durkzilla: Holy poop, that's a sweet deal! Also, I never knew that about the Staples trade-in program! Too bad that's not advertised better... :-/

Printronic always has cheap ink with generic cartridges w/ the chips. + free and fast shipping
It looks like all of the colors run for ~$16.00 in total.

I've been using them for media and ink for 4 years.

@perkalicious11: the staples ink program is advertised quite well, everyone I know has been using it for years.

limit of 10 carts per month, up to $20 back in rewards per month. Used my rewards to buy my wife a kindle at staples last month. best part is I barely pay $4 for my ink carts from supermediastore, so after recycling I'm at around $2 per cartridge.


@perkalicious11: In response to your "the ink costs as much as a new printer" comment, I once inquired about this to an Best Buy employee. He informed me that the manufacturers actually only partially fill the "new" cartridges that come in box with new printers. Don't know if this is actually true, but it makes a lot of sense.


I have a Lexmark and for every 5 cart's I buy I get a free one. But since u r using Canon for photos I would get canon! If you want to keep your pictures, that is. Good luck ;-)


@cfalgas: true of some manufacturers, some include partially filled carts with new printers, some include regular carts.


Hi, perkalicious11 - (cool handle!)

Like your MP520, I have a similar model (Canon Pixma MP610), which I LOVE. For about 3 years now, I've been using I've made a LOT of pictures, CD and DVD covers with my refill cartridges (each already w/chip.) A 4-pack (their Item #CLI-8 - cyan, magenta, yellow and regular black), costs a whopping $22.99! If you add the larger black cartridge (PGI-5BK), that's an additional outrageous $5.99, which I'm pretty sure is what each color cartridge costs, so you're talking $29 bucks for all 5 cartridges, all with chips.

Cartridge/ink quality is EXCELLENT, and I am fussy WAY beyond belief, especially with pics and CD covers. They always come out great, and even my family and friends agree. I could never be bothered taking empties for refills. Great site/products, and no, I'm not affiliated with them in ANY way. LOL! Terrific prices, quality cartridges and really fast shipping. What more could anyone ask for? Good luck! Steve


I've been buying from and I used once when Ebates had a one-day deal where you got 27% cash back when you ordered through them, and I believe there was also a coupon for some percentage off plus free shipping that made it a better deal than 77ink. Very happy with both - I buy chipped ink cartridges for our Canon MP610.


@durkzilla: canon is outrageous. just dumped my MP600 for a new wireless HP that cost less than buying new ink. not as full featured software/settings wise, but more reliable, less start up/"preparing" time, and way cheaper ink.


@durkzilla: canon is outrageous. just dumped my MP600 for a new HP that cost less than buying new ink... more reliable, less start up/"preparing" time, and way cheaper ink.

I know EVERYBODY has their opinion (the only right and correct one - LOL!) about ink/cartridge sites, but while inksmile's products may cost a little more, EVERYTHING I've printed (pics, CD and DVD artwork), three years ago looks just as good as it did newly printed. I believe you get what you pay for, so I'm willing to pay a little (or wait a few seconds) more for consistently reliable, excellent quality products I've never had problems with, including my Canon MP610 and inksmile's cartridges.

With all due respect, if you just bought your new HP for "less than buying new ink," how could you possibly know that it's more reliable? And how much cheaper can ink get than many have recommended in this thread (including me?) Thanks, but I'll always stay with the tried and true, even if it DOES cost a little more.


@cfalgas: I had heard that about first cartridges being less full than a replacement in the past. I believed it with my last HP, but this Canon ran for over 2 years with the original cartridge set, then was asking for more ink again in less than a year. If anything, it seems like it'd be the other way around!

Besides that kick in the pants buying a full set ink from an office supply store last summer, I've been really happy with my Canon. My HP was 99 problems...

@coltbear50: I appreciate your in-depth qualification about why you prefer inksmile. I'll check them out too. I did break down and order ONE magenta cartridge off Amazon last night. It was $12.50 and will get here by tomorrow. I'm sick -- not very, but enough to not be welcomed in the office -- so I've been working from home quite a bit lately. I keep reviewing my documents to make sure I'm not printing anything in the pink family, but it's been a hassle. I've heard it's not good to stockpile cartridges...?


@perkalicious11: I appreciate your in-depth qualification about why you prefer inksmile. I'll check them out too.

Sorry to hear you're under the weather, but cool you can work from home!

I read a lot of reviews before ordering anything, and, as a lot of reviews of Meritline were really negative, I wouldn't order from them based on that alone. However, I ordered a "do-it-yourself" refill kit from inksmile, and wound up with a freakin' MESS and swore I would NEVER do that again! So, not all of their products are great - LOL! But that was my fault, and IMHO, their ink cartridges ARE terrific. I forgot to mention they last a LONG time, and as with your Pixma I'm sure, you can "push" the refill warning time until the printer tells you it can't print anymore unless you refill it.

The paper also matters VERY much. I almost exclusively use Canon MP-101 Pixma Matte Photo Paper (about $10/box), and the colors and sharp, crisp details I get are truly AMAZING!

Good luck, and feel better!