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From my understanding @jumbowoot has the final call on these situations.


also, if your dad's store is "everchangingitems", deals.woot generally doesn't allow ebay stores with small quantities of the listed item.


Guidelines for eBay are:
Buy It Now, several items available, from established retailers with great reputations and a long history of selling and that have stores on eBay.
Individuals are not allowed to post, link, or otherwise profit by posting their eBay listings on Deals."


@questionsanswered: Yes, it is It's not an Ebay store but it does have limited quantities (at least for now since he's starting out). If that's the reason it was banned that's fine, I was just trying to get a more specific answer than "not a good fit" :) If this is the reason he was banned, is there a way to get removed from the blocked list when he begins to carry larger quantities?

Also, is there a list of these posting rules somewhere so I can review them so as not to violate them in the future? I wasn't trying to spam or anything, I was just using this great tool that Woot has provided to promote the great deals his site is offering. When I was emailed and told that I should create a new ID and only post a max of two deals a day I promptly followed the directions and did exactly that. That was why I was so confused when it was banned...


@innovadjc: Woot unfortunately still sees themselves as too cool to provide actual published rules or policies. This has been the cause of periodic revolts by the membership. Unofficial FAQs exist, but that's far from the kind of thing that'd be useful here.

Woot has gone so far in the past to repeatedly promise that rules/policy publication was coming, but it never has.

We need some damn Magna Carta action around here, or everything will stay arbitrary and capricious .... and that's a very unprofessional way to run business dealings. (As you're finding out.)


@innovadjc: You may also wish to point out to them that they're clearly operating on a double standard given that they openly allow @ohcheri to operate a joint personal/business account. I'm not anything even closely resembling a lawyer, but I was under the impression business policies have to be uniform to not leave them open to discrimination claims etc...


@psaux: The deals from my store follow all of the WOOT guidelines as well as the dozens (hundreds?) of other vendors who post deals on here every day.


One of the reasons I doubt we'll ever see official rules is because if there were people would try to get around them.

For example, if the official rules read "No selling counterclockwise widgets!" then pretty soon some knucklehead would post something like "My store is NOT selling counterclockwise widgets, these are just widget-shaped Christmas ornaments, see the piece of yarn on the top for hanging?" followed by accusations of discimination, racism, legal threats, etc.

It's just human nature that it feels good to get away with something even if it's ridiculous. I'm not always the biggest fan of woot's policies but I absolutely see why that haven't, won't, and shouldn't have published official rules.


@jsimsace: Well from what I can tell from this list of rules, I didn't violate anything so I'm still stumped again. I didn't mean to start a huge debate on the issue, I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I've seen plenty of other vendors posting an offer or two per day and they are still up and running. I know Dad's business hasn't been around as long, but you have to start somewhere. He even sends a follow up email to each customer to make sure that they received their item and are satisfied with it.

I would just appreciate if someone from Woot would let me know the actual reason for blocking the site and if there is a way to change that decision (more stock, different items, less postings, begging, etc.)

I have been a long time Woot customer and have never had a problem with anything I've purchased. In addition, DealsWoot has been a great tool for driving traffic to my Dad's site and I'm hopeful that I will be able to continue using it to promote his site in the future.


@innovadjc: This is far from a large debate on this issue, much larger debates have been had before. Rules are arbitrary, confusing, and will never be published. Sucks, but that's the way the people in power want it.


@innovadjc: I think a big part of it may be what @questionsanswered posted:"established retailers with great reputations and a long history of selling and that have stores on eBay." Your dad has one feedback. I'm sure he's an honest guy, but you couldn't say he's established or has a long history of selling by any stretch of the imagination. It also isn't a store, which seems to be required for ebay deals.

@kylemittskus- I don't think @psaux was saying anything negative about @ohcheri; he was just pointing out the hypocrisy of allowing her personal account to be the same as her business account but then not allowing others to do the same. I know they used to say they encouraged retailers to use the same name as their store for transparency, but never heard of it being required.

As an aside, I personally think that the way deals are moderated is absolutely terrible. There's a reason it's been so many months since I've posted a deal and why you won't see me adding another.


@panthiest: Woot does require vendors to have the same name as their store. I had a different name when I started and I opened my email one day to the Big Guy telling me what my new username and password would be.

Also, I'm not sure why you feel I should create a different name for my "personal" stuff? I have a store but I'm still just a person.


@ohcheri: Where did I say I felt that way? I was just referring to the first sentence of this question: "We were posting my Dad's site on Community Deals and I was contacted by Woot to create a Woot ID for the business rather than using my personal ID"


@panthiest: You said "pointing out the hypocrisy of allowing her personal account to be the same as her business account but then not allowing others to do the same."

Hence my confusion. Woot not only allows others to do the same, they require it.


@ohcheri: I don't think he was expressing any of his own personal feelings on the situation.. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to explain what @psaux was saying.

(I'm trying to explain to @ohcheri what @pantheist was saying about @psaux's comment regarding @ohcheri.. how's that for convoluted.) :D


@drchops: I wasn't taking anything personally. The fact is none of us know why the Gods o' Woot do anything...the rules change by the we really can't help the OP.

I was merely clarifying that one thing we do know for certain is vendors are required to have a username that reflects their store.


@innovadjc: This is just my guess, but I think it may be because of the way his website is setup.. It doesn't really seem to be a "store" in the traditional sense, it seems a little more like a garage-sale/Craigslist ad..

There only seems to be a few items for sale and they all seem to be either used/opened, have only 1 in stock and don't seem to have any packaging..

And just to be clear I don't have any kind of problem with that - I'm just saying that's probably how Woot! see's it.. Then again I could be completely wrong seeing as how there's absolutely no system of rules :)


@ohcheri: I wasn't attacking you or saying you do anything wrong. I was just saying that, IF his report that Woot! requires him to keep the personal and business accounts separate is accurate, THEY (Woot) are holding him to a different standard than they do you. Again, IF that's all the case, it seems like something that people could get righteously bent out of shape about.

Of course, it's possible he just misunderstood the whole storename vs. username issue, in which case it's all moot. Personally, I'd be curious to see the actual text of their communication with him, but that's up to @innovadjc or Woot to provide.


@kylemittskus: No hating at all. Please see my comment directly above for further explanation.


@innovadjc: It's true that "everyone has to start somewhere," but that doesn't mean that this is the place to do the starting.

The rules for eBay sales are fairly straight-forward, at least in my view:

* The seller must an eBay storefront; this is apparently not a negotiable issue

* There has to be an adequate quantity of items available for each deal posted. (This used to be "at least 10," but there has been some flexibility in that in the past few months.)

* The storefront has to be well-established and have significant, positive feedback (We don't know those definitions, but I've been an eBay user since June 1999 and on Woot since February 2005, and my personal marker for eBay trustworthiness is at least six months selling experience, at least 200 feedback entries, and a FB score of at least 99.5%. Those are also the guidelines I use here for whether or not to tattle on an eBay seller.)

* Only Buy It Now deals. NO bid-only auctions are permitted.


@magic cave: I'm perplexed why you're still citing eBay sale policies. @innovadjc has stated this is NOT an eBay store. Visiting the site itself (Have you done that yet?) leaves no indication that it's in any way affiliated with eBay.

Still, people keep talking about the eBay rules.


@psaux: The one deal that was posted by the OP was from eBay: . Granted the seller still has a website, but the only deal we have to go on is the eBay one. And I'm not a huge fan of the website either (no offense to OP, just I wouldn't purchase from there).


@psaux: I think we're discussing eBay stores because the original deal posted was for an item being sold on eBay. There's an item there right now, in fact. If that's not where the original deal was located, then I apologize for being as confused as other folks were.

Yes, I've been to his dad's website. I wasn't impressed. What does "refurbished" mean? Factory refurb? "Used, but I cleaned it up real well?" There's no warranty info at all, which makes me think items aren't factory refurbs; if they are, he should be stating that, since it's a major selling point.

If the original deal posted here was for that website, then I'm in even more agreement that it's not a good fit for


@hackman2007: I took down all the other ones when I was told to use the other ID (trying to comply with the rules as I was learning them). It won't let me remove the old Ebay one for some reason.

As far as the site goes, I have a nicer one in the works but I put this simple one up in the meantime to get the ball rolling. The new one is a much better design and will be much more custom. Just trying to find time here and there to finish it up. You know how it gets around the holidays :)


@magic cave: The items range from new to open box/returns that haven't been used. He listed them as refurbs since technically they aren't new but he does test each item before listing it to ensure its a quality product. He actually hasn't listed a number of items that work just because they don't work to his satisfaction. He also offers a 14 day return policy on all items just in case. I agree his descriptions could use some work but he's still learning the whole web thing :) To date he's sold quite a few items and has not had one complaint (in fact he's received a number of emails from the customers who were impressed with the condition the items were in).


Like I said originally, I just wanted a simple answer as to why the site is blocked so that if it's something I can fix (i.e. website redesign, less postings, more products, etc.) then I will fix it. If it's something that I can't fix (i.e. hasn't been in business long enough) then I know there's nothing I can do to fix it. And if it is something I can fix, how do I get the blacklist lifted? (Do I submit it for review to someone or something?)

I do appreciate all the input. I didn't expect this thread to get this much attention :)



@innovadjc: I used to hang out with some full-time, professional eBay sellers; some of the tips I got from them might be useful on your dad's site:

Clean up the photos. Don't use a bare chunk of 2x4 (is that what it is?) as a prop; paint it, cover it with solid-color paper or fabric, or find some other object to use. Keep "simplicity" in mind. Make sure the backdrop is large enough; it doesn't serve its purpose when the basement walls and floor show above and to the side of the backdrop.

Make sure the focus of the shot is on the most important item: the picture should show all of the circular saw, not part of the saw and all of the bag. Take some time to smooth out the manual's crinkly pages.

On the gas trimmer, get everything else out of the picture. Remove the box of Hefty bags, the roll of tape, the unidentified tool, and all the clutter in the background. You want a buyer's eye to go immediately to the trimmer, not to the junk surrounding it.




In the photo of the RC car, the big, clunky measuring tool and the gift-wrapped box over-power the image of the car and controller. Buy a $1 kid's plastic ruler (white, no exotic colors) that serves the purpose without grabbing all the attention.

On the menu bar, the "products page" doesn't go to the products. I had to hunt into the text to find a way to see what's for sale. When I put an item in the cart and headed to check-out, the page that showed up is not an encrypted page. I wasn't interested in adding my personal info to get to a payment page, so I was left wondering if that page is encrypted either?

It's hard to get a website running smoothly; my son's a professional website designer, and he's shown me several iterations as he tweaks sites to get exactly the result the client wants (tempered by what he knows will and won't work well).




Folks today pretty much expect a clean, user-friendly site with good, clear pictures of the merchandise. Improving the photo quality is generally an easy task that yields big benefits improving a prospective buyer's overall perception of the quality of the merchandise.


@magic cave: Yes, I'm heading up to Dad's over the holidays to work with him on the photos and provide him with a new camera as well as backdrops and lighting for the photos (he's not a tech guy) :)

As far as the website goes, I'm actually a web designer but I haven't had time to finish my custom site for him (have to finish up my customers sites first). I put up this WordPress one for now but it is secure and using Paypal to process payments. I'm hoping to have the new site up in the next few weeks but I didn't want him to miss out on holiday sales in the meantime. (trust me, I'm not happy with the site either, but it does the job for the moment) :) The new site looks nothing like the current site, it's much cleaner and much more user friendly.

I appreciate the input on the site though, at least I'm not the only one who's not happy with the design. :) Check the site again in a few weeks and I think you'll be impressed at the changes!


I've always wondered why Boscov's is not allowed.

They are a family owned department store chain located in the Northeast, PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE and VA.