questionsdo you think people are starting to ask sopa…


And full disclosure: I too have asked a "SOPA" question :)

Also, I know some of you are probably getting sick of it, but I feel obligated to put some SOPA links:
SOPA Petition:

Good SOPA links:

The first SOPA question that I noticed:


So, you are asking a question about people asking questions about the question of SOPA? Is that correct? LOL


i have to go with my standard answer for "are people asking questions because of rep" answer:
it didn't stop you from asking your own version of it.

@gmwhit agreed.


@atd15: Clever right? :D

@gmwhit: You sting me with your words.

@atd15: Don't question the question. Question WHY you're questioning the question.

@moosezilla: The original tag was something like "ironically-another-slight-variation-of-a-sopa-question" heh

@w00tgurl: I just didn't want to leave you out :D


Oh man, I thought I was gonna miss a question about reputation, don't worry, I'm here. Reputation is stupid. Yes I think people ask questions about SOPA for reputation, I don't like it. My love for the community will carry on though. Ok, glad I got that in! Have a good night and pleasant wooting! Moving on! :)


Oh absolutely not.... who would do such a thing?


@drchops: You said: "@gmwhit: You sting me with your words." Sorry, didn't mean to. Pinches off a bit of aloe from a plant...hope that soothes you a bit. I tend to be sarcastic. No harm intended.


@gmwhit: No harm done. But Aloe's always appreciated :D

And yeah, I tend to have a bad habit of sarcasm too.. even though I'm full aware that sarcasm does not translate well into text/message boards heh..