questionswho is the hoff?


I was thinking of asking this question myself. Seems to have blown in here with a strange familiarity of woot and wooters. I like your theory, if for no other reason than that I want it to be true. But, as I told my husband yesterday, it would be very funny if it were really "The Hoff" too. Either theory, and it is a celebrity sighting, in my book.

Oh, I don't put too much stock in the join dates anyway, there have been too many anomalies with those, as I have personally seen.


No way that it's real. I'll bet all of my woot monkeys on it. Doesn't it sound like a "Q" member to you working on an offline wager?


Citizens of Woot-Land! Thank you, Thank you, but it is just I, David Hasselhoff. Singer, Actor, Performer, Judge of Talent, and most importantly Loving Father of two of the greatest daughters man could ever wish for. Just because I started today doesn't mean I can't use your help finding awesome deals posted before today, I'm having a great time seeing what you guys all posted the last few weeks and looking for great deals around the house! I'm really flattered at how kind you have all been to me in my first day and a half. I'm just worried about what you guys will think of me once the honeymoon is over LOL! Thanks for all your help! I'm having a great time hanging out with all of you, and you're all a real stand up group of people. A huge fan of Deals.Woot! Let me know if you guys ever need me to shoot a commercial or want me to endorse you. It's all been real fun.

Have a Hofftastic day! Always remember "You should never run faster than your guardian angel can keep up!"


It's obviously the real Hoff. If he was willing to appear in Piranha 3DD, a Woot commercial certainly wouldn't be beneath him.


Ah-hah! After some quick detective work with a little help from my good friend KITT I came to a solution to your problem. It would seem to me that Yesterday's * sponsored deals* deals are a little hoff in their dates. While they were posted yesterday, they show up as if they were really almost a week old.

Another case solved by David Hasselhoff, with a little help from his friend KITT!

Be sure to catch me in my new staring role as Dr. Hook! Saturday 12/08/12 to 1-13/13! More information can be found at my website It's going to be Hoff the hook!


Whoever s/he is they're going to have to slip up eventually. Their history is too Short for me to trace any leads but I'll be keeping an eye out- I was the one who exposed lexmod and their shills rounding up the posse and ran him out of town, and accurately predicted 3 woot-offs. I got my eye on you @DavidHasselhoff and when you Slip Up you can bet there will be an ATC question letting everyone know I cracked the case.


@davidhasselhoff: You'll always be Nick Fury to me :)

But Knight Rider was right up there with MacGyver for my formative tv years.


Ha! GMTA. I asked him in another thread if he was snapster in disguise.


@cowboydann: So, what you're saying CBD is that you're really David, and you're coming out of the hoffset finally?


@xavoc: I wish, I'm starting to think it's lichme, who else can game the system this hard? I just can't link them together yet.


@cowboydann: Oh, that could be. Seriously. Good call on that. I mentioned elsewhere that I didn't think it was @snapster (different phrasing, different natural breaks in sentences, that kind of thing), but it could very well be Mr Actually Cares About Reputation.



Well I'm not going to be any help because I've not got any better guesses. I will be around for the unveiling whenever that occurs.

@cowboydann - You've got my support in this misadventure.


Nobody hassels the Hoff. Seriously guys unless you want trouble with David, BACK HOFF.

Also, David, I just want you to know I love your work and I'll be hoffy to watch anything you've starred in, 2012 or 1980s. You've won my hoffularity contest.


Not funny, woot. I do believe you're the main player in this ruse. Also, do not think it's @snapster. Certainly hope not. He seemed to be very open, and said more than once that woot was transparent - meaning above board. Odd that so many things are not now. No longer show the number of items sold, etc.

A member of 1 day, who shows activity for 4 days & is a black triangle, is not genuine. Something is not right here. Lichme? Would not surprise me at all.

Once again, woot....sad. Very sad.


@gmwhit: yeah especially if someone was doing it as a joke. Unforgivable.


@poopfeast420: No disrespect, but if someone is assuming that name as a joke - that's okay, I guess. I am not talking about the real Hoff, at all. And don't care if this poster is the real one or not.

That's not what I'm speaking of - for a 1 day member (& that's questionable) to become a black triangle requires compliance by woot. That's what I'm speaking to - this is not a joke.

Unless you are saying that woot is joking w/us. And, if that IS what you're saying, I don't find it amusing.


Obviously not the Hoff. Needs more grammatical errors to be believable. Also, correctly formatting links in his posts on his first day? Come on.


I think the real question might be WHY is The Hoff?


@lavikinga: That is my question as well. I am assuming it is all a joke and someone (likely @cowboydann) will figure it out soon. I have been entertained by it all. I did post a question about The Hoff just before this all started, so maybe he is like Beettlejuice and we said his name too many times and summoned him.


@poopfeast420: You seem awfully invested in the hoff. What is sock puppet?


@cowboydann: @shrdlu: I think I have a big hint as to who it is, I think it is a big hint...
If you missed it: the hoff posted a deal that got like 10+ votes then the deal was deleted but was reposted a couple hours later.
This deal is the delete/repost

I agree it is someone who knows the system, I think they know it better then me. This deal is expired on deals but still available from the store:

Something is fishy but I thought I was being paranoid.


@poopfeast420: LOL. You should buy something. Then you'd get an automatic +1 on your vote counter.


I totally know but I'm a cheater. :) I'm also not going to tell. (Oh, the things I know about all of you. THE THINGS.)


@inkycatz: Hi inkycatz, am I doing a good job?


@cowboydann: I can neither confirm nor deny any accusations at this time. Please direct any questions you may have through my attorney.


@mkdr: George Clooney; George Clooney; George Clooney.

There. Now we'll sit back to wait and see if your hypothesis is correct.


@lichme: Is your attorney Jackie Chiles???


@inkycatz: Sure, you know things, but I have access to LexisNexis. Okay, I don't have access any more, but I know people who do...

I can see that today has the potential to be entertaining. :-D


My guess is a new tagless Admin. That would support how he was able to delete a post and repost. Perhaps a developer, testing deals.
@inkycatz: Who at woot is a huge Hoff fan? Posters on walls? Bobble heads? Tshirts?


@caffeine_dude: I say nothing, I see everything.
@shrdlu: I used to do research. Those skills didn't stay behind at my last job, just sayin'.


Anyway you look at it 2 days to black triangle has to be a record. Tho with the rate The Hoff is posting it's pretty easy to max out those meters.


@inkycatz: Funny you. :-}

The stories I could tell. Maybe someday I'll end up in SEA, and we'll have lunch. Not, mind you, to tell stories (mine die with me, but that's the way it goes). It has the potential to be entertaining.

I thought about being an investigator when I retired (many people with my background and former clearances do just that), but my preference for being a recluse won out.

I almost miss those days. Almost.


@raider9924: It was actually 1 day to black triangledom. I am not naive enough to think that was legit. It was manipulated. And I don't mean by a regular (non-staff) brand new member.