questionswhat kind of aftershave do you use? (guys) what…


There are a few scents that smell great on men:
Calvin Klein Obsession
Calvin Klein CK One
and el cheapos:
Pierre Cardin*
Santa Fe*

*Not usually a fan of cheap stanks..but those two smell pretty, pretty, pretty good to me, for some reason.


I use a scentless one called "bump patrol". On my shelf, there is also a Proraso bottle I picked up at some point. Some fleeting scent because it's mentholated. Then something called "Perry Ellis" I got as a gift a while back. Smells like Macy's. :p Only used once. It's destined for the trash, but just hadn't made it there yet.

I only use it to combat cuts. In my experience, women don't really like chemical scents. I don't really care much myself.


Polo Black aftershave, when I can find it. I haven't found a girl yet who doesn't love Polo Black


My guy doesn't use aftershave, just uses a Gilette sensitive-skin foaming shave gel that smells nice and clean. [insert ME GUSTA face here]

I feel like it's not so much the scent/quality-ness of the aftershave that ladies like as it is the association of the scent of whatever brand her guy uses with the guy himself. Maybe I'd feel differently if I'd ever dated someone who used expensive stuff though?


@heyjoie: Might want to pick him up some aftershave anyway. Especially with the winter approaching. You get lots of tiny nicks which aren't always even perceivable. Aftershave disinfects, and seems to make them heal faster. It's much more noticeable in the winter. Infections can look pretty nasty.


@gregorylikescheapstu: I never really thought about it from the perspective of a disinfectant. I kind of always just thought they were used for smellin' good. Thanks for the advice! :D