questionsfuture dated join date, or are time machines real?


well thanks for the reality checks everyone! i'm glad to see it's just the old Zulu timezone showing its power over us :) or a defective flux capacitor, depending on how much you "want to believe". hehe

@joneholland: welcome stranger & staffer. you joined with inkykatz? post moar!


Most dates / times on Woot are stored as UTC.


@w00tgurl: Aha! The secret is out...WOOT has sold out to the Chinese just like the US government :-)


@w00tgurl: Always just one day in advance, and I think I've only noticed it within a few hours of midnight (CT).


Dammit, I've been found out! So much for tha- Wait wtf, just one hour forward??

I've been taken advantage of =/ That's the last time I'm getting a flux capacitor refurb...


@chris12345: Give this person a prize!

@w00tgurl: check out the time stamps on the comments and you will notice the tiny little z at the end. This is for Zulu time which is 5 - 6 hours ahead of woot time depending on the time of year (DST playing havoc once again).


@gregorylikescheapstu: lol!!

@msklzannie: when you've noticed it, is it something reasonable like 1 day in the future? that could be blamed on timezones. or was it several days/weeks?
lots of doctoral research going on here, what a bunch of smart people ;)


I've noticed this too. It's been going on at least a week. I wonder if it might be based on where the member lives (other side of the international date line)?

Oh, and I don't think you're a "constant liar"... Maybe an intermittent one, but not a constant one. :)

edited: I see you sort of mentioned this in your response to ohcheri.


Stop stalking people for "research or something". This isn't facebook. ;)


@ohcheri: d'oh yes! like what @drchops mentioned in his comment with the future join dates. i also think it must be a timezone thing, but shouldn't it show the local woot server timezones or at least Texas time, versus China timezones?


Time machines are real. I answered your question a week ago.