questionsfuture dated join date, or are time machines real?


Time machines are real. I answered your question a week ago.


@ohcheri: d'oh yes! like what @drchops mentioned in his comment with the future join dates. i also think it must be a timezone thing, but shouldn't it show the local woot server timezones or at least Texas time, versus China timezones?


Stop stalking people for "research or something". This isn't facebook. ;)


I've noticed this too. It's been going on at least a week. I wonder if it might be based on where the member lives (other side of the international date line)?

Oh, and I don't think you're a "constant liar"... Maybe an intermittent one, but not a constant one. :)

edited: I see you sort of mentioned this in your response to ohcheri.


@gregorylikescheapstu: lol!!

@msklzannie: when you've noticed it, is it something reasonable like 1 day in the future? that could be blamed on timezones. or was it several days/weeks?
lots of doctoral research going on here, what a bunch of smart people ;)


@chris12345: Give this person a prize!

@w00tgurl: check out the time stamps on the comments and you will notice the tiny little z at the end. This is for Zulu time which is 5 - 6 hours ahead of woot time depending on the time of year (DST playing havoc once again).


Dammit, I've been found out! So much for tha- Wait wtf, just one hour forward??

I've been taken advantage of =/ That's the last time I'm getting a flux capacitor refurb...


@w00tgurl: Always just one day in advance, and I think I've only noticed it within a few hours of midnight (CT).


@w00tgurl: Aha! The secret is out...WOOT has sold out to the Chinese just like the US government :-)


Most dates / times on Woot are stored as UTC.


well thanks for the reality checks everyone! i'm glad to see it's just the old Zulu timezone showing its power over us :) or a defective flux capacitor, depending on how much you "want to believe". hehe

@joneholland: welcome stranger & staffer. you joined with inkykatz? post moar!