questionscan anyone confirm what i heard about lowes black…


Call your local Lowe's and ask someone in charge.


Here's their black friday ad: link to ad. Shop Vac is $39. It says you can call them to place an order Thanksgiving Day.


you actually asked for rain checks for goods intentionally priced to blow out early on a day when retailers are competing to pull people into their stores for christmas shopping?

and they actually gave them to you?



a lot of places will do rainchecks on certain items (regular holiday season sale stuff) but i've never heard of a place doing rainchecks on loss leading door busters.


In the past, I've ordered online on Thanksgiving to pick up on Friday. The items are reserved and I don't lose any sanity having to beat the crowds.


@pinchecat: Lowe's has always been good about their BF deals like that. Last year they let me "pre-order" a Christmas tree that was one of their deals. I paid for it in advance, and just had to wait until BF or later to pick it up.


@pinchecat: I was thinking the same thing. However this is the reason I hate Staples so much.

One time, I got the Sunday paper and there as an item advertised. I think it was a flashdrive real cheap (this was many years ago). When I say cheap, I mean real cheap. Like a 16GB drive for $3.

So I rush over to Staples before they open and I'm the first person in line. A crowd forms behind me and I'm the first one in the door when the store is open. I ask the sales clerk where the drive is and he tells me they are already sold out. How is that possible? The ad just ran in the morning paper and they are already sold out?!?!?

I asked for a rain check, they refused to give me one. I asked for a substitution, they refused. I asked if they would be getting more in. The answer was surprising. He said possibly but not at the price advertised because it was a one-day only sale.


@jsimsace: I heard it at the local lowes, and I heard it from a department manager who I know. I was more curious if this was a local/regional/national issue.


@pinchecat: Yes, and that won't be the only place I do it. When I tell people that I think retail is for suckers, and that I haggle on just about everything except for bread and milk, I mean it. Besides, I normally only shop at stores that will do business. Lowes is normally a wheel and deal business and I love them for that. Never having worked there, after lengthy haggling sessions, I have learned which items they have large margins on and which items that they cannot negotiate on at all.


Once again I am not trolling for lowes, but this is a deals site. Lowes will do business with you as a customer. I have seen managers and assist managers do some excellent haggling. Department managers are good to deal with on thier items.

If you are going to buy several things worth a couple of hundred dollars, stick them all on one cart and go see the manager or asst manager Not on BF! Ask what they can do for you, tell them you want to walk out the door with all of the items on the cart. If they say they cant do anything for you tell them that is too bad and leave the cart sit and walk out the door. There is your power, they need to sell stuff to stay in business.

second tip, and probably the most important: be reasonable. I shouldn't have to explain it

Third tip: Clearance items generally cannot be lowered any further. This is a general rule and there are some exceptions, so do the math on a discontinued or damaged item. 10% off a damaged item is a robbery.


@ecriscit: I see. You didn't reveal your source in the question. It sounds to me like it's a nationwide decision.


@ecriscit: "go see the manager or asst manager Not on BF! "

What is "BF" ?