questionsare one-time-use deals allowed?


My understanding is that if there is no link, then it's not a valid deal. If the coupon was issued for something done in the past, then there is nothing you can do to get it if you haven't already.

I am curious to what the retailer is if you'd care to share though


@capguncowboy: thinkgeek mailed out a coupon that's good for 20% off of $50, 25% off $100, and 30% off $150. It's a dope deal if you're going to spend enough. The math works out even better than the BOGO 50% off deal I had posted the other day.


@lotsofgoats: It's only a better deal if you spend over $150. BOGO 50% off works out to 25% off. Though I guess that's only best case when you buy two equal-priced items.


@omnichad: Yea, this one works out better in most cases, especially if you were buying two expensive things in the last deal.