questionswhat is your favorite summer beverage?


When the sun is over the yardarm, a nice gin & tonic with a twist of lime. Especially liking the Hendrick's gin these days. (Truth be told, I use diet tonic water to cut back on the calories)


Beer...for hot summer days try hefeweizen with a slice of lemon or orange....yummy!


Ginger beer mixed with vodka and a lemon.


Strong, unsweetened iced tea


Before 5, water.

After 5, Beefeater and Diet Schweppes tonic water.

@lavikinga: That there is not just low calorie but also a zero carb beverage!


I like some Bailey's with ice. Don't judge me.


Jack Daniels.

Mixed is better.


Gently sweetened iced tea. (So it's tea, not sugar water with a hint of teaishness.)


Beer - shaken, not stirred!


@durkzilla: It's those danged limes that are so fattening!

@mrbrightside: Exactly. Folks in the south pride themselves on sweet tea. I like mine less sweet, pretty strong and with a wedge of lemon. Of course, these days it's sweetened with an artificial sweetener. Not quite the same, but it'll do in a pinch. Iced tea was one of the things I craved while I was in Africa several years ago. That and a nice, crisp green salad with tomatoes.


Corona light, with lemon or lime. I ran out of citrus fruit so I tried watermellon, should have just left it plain.


All good, I am not prejudiced:

- Pitchers of gin & tonic with lots of lime
- Margaritas on the rocks (I don't want a slurpee, thanks)
- Belgian white ale with an orange slice/wedge
- Unsweetened fruit/tropical iced tea
- Cool water

Man, am I thirsty now.


the biggest slurpee in the biggest cup/barrel they'll let me refill @ 7-11.


at the moment i'm partial to a 3 way mix of cranberry juice, ruby red grapefruit juice, & Diet 7-up.

really hits the right spots.


Iced tea of course!

My favorites are peppermint, tazo passion tea and classic black.

you can get celestial seasonings peppermint on amazon for cheap.


Grey Goose & ginger ale

The best way to make these is this: Put the ginger ale on the counter and open the lid. Next, get a 20 ounce (at least!) cup and fill it with the Grey Goose and 3 ice cubes. Next, let the glass sit right next to the bottle of ginger ale for 30 seconds (close, but not touching!). This will allow the appropriate amount to ginger ale to mix with the vodka. Immediately drink and repeat.


@loubriccant: Was wondering when you'd wake back up... :-)


@hobbitss: Sorry, but the Liver is evil and must be punished!