questionswhy is it the more sleep i get, the more tired i…


I second what @yakamashii writes.

Get yourself tested for apnea. It is estimated that about 5% of people with untreated apnea die in their sleep every year. Even if you don't die, apnea causes high blood pressure and other issues, besides just being tired. (It is likely that my need for a pacemaker is due to six or seven years of untreated apnea.)


I usually try to come up with something clever to say in here but today I gotta say, "Dude, (or Dudette), Get yourself tested." And I don't mean for VD.

I have sleep apnea and from experience can appreciate what you're talking about. Do you snore? Are you sore in the morning? If someone watches you sleep do they think you've stopped breathing?

If you have apnea you have abnormal pauses in breathing or have very low breathing. Your body compensates by waking you up. Not enough to notice but enough to start breathing again. You then go back into deep sleep and the cycle begins again. I would go through that cycle hundreds of times an hour.

You never get deep sleep and it's actually really bad for your heart. Because your muscles are deprived of oxygen you may even wake up sore.


My suggestion is try to be more physically active during the day and get yourself on some sort of schedule. A half way regular bedtime is needed and even if you don't have much to do, try to get up and get moving at a half way regular time in the morning. I have had sleep issues for years and making myself go to bed regularly and get up regularly for a couple of weeks seems to really help. Good Luck.

*from yahoo answers