questionsany suggestions on a classy coat?


What price range where you trying to keep under and what size are you?


I'd like to stay below 50$, as long as i can find something lasting in that price range and wear a 2x. I have a nice heavy trenchcoat for when it is real cold out so not as heavy as that and a shorter length.

Thanks for the help.


Wal-Mart has some nice jackets in that price range:


@thefenst I was going to suggest the one from overstock too! Great minds think alike :P


A microsuede jacket from the Men's Warehouse:

A nice zip-front sweater:

A whole page of choices from KingsizeDirect:

edit: You might have to copy/paste those first 2 links...I'm getting a weird error from WOOT when I try to click on them here, but they work fine going straight to the page.


Navy pea coat. Always looks sharp. They usually have them at Army-Navy surplus stores, not too expensive. And they're warm as can be. Get one that's in good shape, it'll last you for years.


I would look for a pea coat at Burlington Coat Factory.

Honestly, I've lucked out and found the coolest pea coats at thrift stores!