questionshow many of you here are either newegg's eggxpert…


Neither. My admiration to people who put in the effort that goes into those excellent reviews.


I've been invited to do a review or two, but not in exchange for product (unless you count Skinomi, which I don't)
What is your question? Worried about objectivity?

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I was invited by both NewEgg and Amazon to write reviews for them. I used to write for a very well known high-end audio magazine in London, but I haven't for a while, just writing little things for fun. I guess they noticed. :)

I was just curious to see if other people have done the same and what their experiences have been.


@lll0228: Sounds like it's right up your alley. Embrace it.
In my case, Skinomi gave me a free protector in exchange for a review. I didn't gush over it, but was honest. I guess they didn't like it because a rep added a rebuttal that was mostly boilerplate "our products are wonderfully engineered to protect your device and give you a wank"

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@j5: Thanks! Just got the first two items from both. Geeky tech stuff (which is my background). Tested and written, I didn't give either a rubber stamp, both are 4 out of 5. One has to be honest about these things. As for objectivity, people probably don't notice that professional reviewers get a lot of offer of free stuff (or stuff at cost). And generally they don't keep the ones they don't like, and by that token, they all write pretty honestly. :) And if they like something, if there is an offer, they keep it as a benchmark (if offered). It somehow works out nicely for all involved.