questionswhat's a good cheap outdoor rc helicopter?


@jsimsace: Yeah - that website kinda seemed pretty sketchy to me though lol...that combined with the other deals they posted

Appreciate the help though heh


@airsoftrc: Yeah, "Cheap [$20-30] helicopter" naturally makes me think "$150 - FOUR FOOT NOVELTY HELICOPTER." Totally.

Now, was that REALLY an attempt at being helpful...or a stab at pushing your crap? Be honest.

But If you did just really (REALLY) misread the title, description and comments...than I am genuinely sorry - and I appreciate the attempt.


Dr: As I said in another discussion: Syma S032 is a good (not great) outdoor copter in your price range. If you have an extremely still day, it will do outdoor flight pretty well. If possible, I'd suggest you go for the Syma S023G instead, though it's a little over your range (about $50).

One other thought: DO NOT go for the Syma S022 (the twin rotor): The only Syma product that's ever disappointed me. It has the size and heft to go outdoors, but is near impossible to trim and has a nasty tendency to rotate left/right as well as go full throttle randomly... Has resulted in some funNY moments, I must admit... But not fun.