questionswoot men, would you wear nail polish?


My nails have been painted twice in my life. First time, I was two and staying at my grandmother's for the night. I had no clue about nail polish being only for girls so I asked her to paint mine. She did and when my dad saw, he was pretty mad. Second time was a few years ago as a prank.

I can honestly say that, without a doubt, my nails will never be painted again, barring any more pranks while I'm asleep.


@captainsuperdawg: lol, Does it make a man less manly? Or am I making a big deal over nothing?


Only men with limp wrists should wear nail polish.


I used to get manicures and pedicures with my old girlfriend (I'd get clear nail polish). It was something relaxing that we did together about once a month. I do not view it as anything different than trimming ones beard and moustache or getting frequent haircuts (say more often than four or six a year).

My current girlfriend is not as comfortable with such things so I no longer go for manicures and pedicures. Plus, I don't have as much spare cash for personal luxuries.

BTW- Colored nail polish is not something I've ever worn.


Heck no, there is no reason a man should wear nail polish.


IMHO, a straight man can get a manicure, but not polish.


Real men don't wear nail polish. We wear kilts.


Well I am 43 y/o man and wear black nail polish on both my fingernail and my toes. Why? because I like to. No I am not gay, cross-dresser, bisexual or transvestite. Its all about style and how you wear it. If you are bold enough and can pull it off, why not? I agree its not for every man, and not all colors suit you. Nail color does not define or change your sexuality. It will attract attention though and you have to be prepared. Not all women like it and not all men like it. But do you really care? Just do it! it is just paint and it will come off as soon as you apply polish remover.


OK, let's look at this realistically. there are answers here that say men should never wear nail color, but there is never any justification of that position except uhhh, because. seriously? why? never any answer really. girls say they want manly men, but never define what that means, except we all know based on media what that means, so it's all inference. it's color on toes. or fingers, but really, it's just color. it means nothing except the wearer is different and likes color on themselves, color that can be removed anytime one chooses. just looking at the reality of what's important in life, and this doesn't qualify. I polish mine because I think everybody's feet look better with the nails polished. sometimes I color just for fun, girls do it for fun too, so why shouldn't I? if there is ever a real reason, not just tradition or , then I'd love to hear it, but all this time and I have never heard one rational reason or explanation. not one.