questionswhich tablets use sim cards?


At that price, I would recommend getting the iPad 2 3G for $530. (Apple hater to downvote). But then again for $630 you can get the superior iPad 3. Older people tend to love Apple because of their ease of use and the fact they work with their iPhone (if they have them). I know people on woot will downvote this (they're just turds) but it's truly an incredible device. And yes I did see your price, but your buying into a company that will always be around, and in a few years when you look to get another tablet, all your purchases and setup is already there.


@allhighruler: Thanks for the reply. I'm not a fan of Apple and their universe, but I understand why older people love it. Sadly I can't afford $530 (or $630) for a secondary device that would probably end up costing about $1000 for my mom to use how she wants. I also wanted something that I could monitor (without using itunes) when she's gone for long periods, as she usually asks me to do, remotely.


@archiwiz: no its alright. Another thing you could do is wait until later on this year when they release the iPad mini for like $250. I know you don't like them, but also I must ask, what would she need you to manage?