questionswhat makes one beach sand hotter than another…


The biggest factor would be which direction the beach is facing in orientation to the sun. If it gets more hours, being hit directly by the sun, then it will be hotter.

It also has to do with what time you visit the beach. Obviously in the morning it will be cooler than in the afternoon. <- This notion we may naturally want to dismiss, but how often do we think about the time we visit the beach in relation to how hot the sand is?

Something else that can affect the heat of the sand, though to a smaller degree, is what material is is composed of. The sand from many beaches in the Caribbean often has a much higher composition of broken up shells than the sand on a beach in Rhode Island (containing mostly silt and clay; i.e. much more fine). Though there is not really a visible difference between the size of the grains of sand, on a microscopic scale, the sand in the Caribbean, being not nearly as fine, has more surface area to release heat.


GOOD question ? i lived in hawaii for 9 year and did not care to wonder why that is. must have been having to much fun :)

yet i did find the answer in wikipedia, think you may be on the right track and know the answer already :)

do you need a hint ?


@dmaz: I seem to recall from my school daze (long time past) that a given volume of small diameter objects has a much larger total surface area than the same volume of large diameter objects.
Fer instance: 8"x8"x8" box can contain one 8" diameter ball or eight 4" diameter balls.
8" ball = 201 sq. in
4" ball = 50 sq. in times 8 = 400 sq. in.
Therefore, if Carribean sand is larger then it has less surface area to give off heat.


@drivebypaint: I do need a hint. I assume it has most to do with mineral content; Probably some latent heat characteristic of silica vs. calcium carbonate. But what about the black sand?

I am also wondering who changed my tags. I can see how Lucy Lawless and Merkin seem unrelated, but Hawaii has really diverse beach sands, why would that be changed to "chat?"


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Everyone knows that feeling of getting into a car that has been sitting closed up in the sun, the closest many of us will come to the flames of hell. Nobody likes it, and everyone knows that the darker the paint color, the hotter it will be. So is it completely crazy to buy a black or dark colored car? Probably millions of people have made car color purchasing decisions based on the idea that dark paint will just be too hot. Some of those people liked the look of dark colors and would have bought one if it weren't for the heat factor.

with that said, glass is made from sand .


black sand isn't always hot, but it usually has a bigger butt.


I always find the coolest sand about 4 inches below the surface - just gotta shuffle your feet around a little bit and you'll be set in no time.