questionswhats you fav bluray/tv "app" ?


We're satisfied with our Samsung devices. Netflix, Vudu, Amazon instant video, Blockbuster, Youtube... They have sports, news, and weather stuff, but we never use those. Most streaming video companies will give you a free rental or two just for signing up! There for a couple of weeks we were watching free movies from the various providers. Apps for twitter and facebook are a waste of time unless you're device allows for use of a keyboard. Game apps are worthless too.

Other than youtube, VUDU is probably my favorite because they offer 3D content. 3D video quality was 'ok' on my old connection. Haven't tried since we upgraded to 50mbps connection.

So many devices are coming with apps on them these days. My issue is trying to decide which device (xbox 360, blu-ray, laptop, or tv) to use for streaming content. It really depends on what type of content you want access to through that device.

EDIT: my biased link to the Samsung apps you can get:


Same as thefenst, Netflix & Pandora get the most play in my house.


In terms of percentage usage by number of hours, it's probably:

Pandora: 80%
Blu-ray/Redbox: 10%
Netflix: 5%
Hulu: 5%


@bsmith1: Thanks for that link, do the Major brands (specifically LG since that what our TV is) have pretty much the same apps? any brand really taking off more than the others?



If you have a spare computer laying around you could try setting up Boxee (or XBMC). It's a pretty simple install and gives you a relatively integrated interface for Netflix, VUDU, Last.FM, Pandora, etc. Hulu integration is... disappointing at best. At the cost of $0 it's worth a shot.

The Xbox 360, PS3 and such are good options if you want to move the apps off the TV and on to something with a bit more processing power.


Netflix and Hulu. I use my Xbox 360, iPhone, and computer for those.
I also have a ton of BR's so I watch those alot too.


@stewy0327: Nowadays, the major brands should all have the main apps. Make sure the brand has a good reputation for updating their services though.