questionswhat is your favorite distro of linux?


I'm currently using Kubuntu.


Mint's good. I'm still using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (so no suffering, at least not till 2013). I also like (in no particular order) Slackware, Centos, and Fedora (although I'm really not up to date on that one). I used to use SuSE, but abandoned it a few years ago. No good reason, just did.

On the other hand, I like FreeBSD the best, and the OpenBSD. MacOS X is good also. I don't mind Win7, but I really preferred WinXP (I miss it, too).

Favorite? Favorite for what? Like anything, it depends.


I just prefer Ubuntu because my netbook came with it and I am used to it.


Love Mac Pup (Puppy Linux distro), which you can run from CD on a computer that may have another OS installed. For full install, I think I prefer OSX Like the most, although I'm on another test run of Kubuntu.


Used to be Ubuntu until it got the Unity desktop. Switched to Mint, it's even faster! I'll be re-looking @ Ubuntu TV, but downloads aren't ready yet.
I also use several live cd's for repair/recovery work so I can test without commitment. (Novell, DSL, Knoppix etc.)


I'm using Ubuntu, I was looking at that or Mint when I first tried it. May have to look at Mint again sometime.


For the customization, I like Arch Linux. Fairly easy to get it initially set up and can do almost anything with it.


Currently using ElementaryOS Jupiter. I HATED Unity when Ubuntu switched from Gnome so I opted to rollback to 10.10 with a clean and functional distro. Mint never did it for me. Elementary, however, is ideal and has quite a few awesometastic features and functions. I am really happy with my choice.

I'm looking forward to the next iteration.


My favorite has to be Ubuntu. I remember when I first tried using Ubuntu, I believe it was version 6.06 -- it was something completely different than XP. Ever since then I have been hooked with trying to learn more about Linux and different distros.

I think the reason I truly enjoy using Ubuntu is because of the extensive user community, forums, and just the quantity of resources you can find online.

I also find various Ubuntu-based derivatives to be good, such as Mint, Xubuntu, and CrunchBang.

Also, I wouldn't necessarily go on and say that Ubuntu has lost it's fan base either, I think Ubuntu is just experimenting a little bit more then before. Particularly, with the implementation of Unity -- as it has seemed to attract a lot of Windows Users; yet, lost a lot of users as well.

Either way, I usually have at least one form of Linux dual-booting one of my PCs. Right now it's Ubuntu 11.10.


I don't use Linux on the desktop, but I use Ubuntu LTS for my file/web/email server, MythBuntu for my MythTV computer, and CentOS for my Asterisk PBX.

If I had to set up a Linux desktop right this minute, I'd choose Mint.