questionsany fantasy-adventure fans out there? new author…


Downloaded and will give it a try. One day, maybe I will be able to say I read his books when he was just a link on deals.woot. Wish him good luck on making it big :)


Thanks! Looking for some new reading material.


Congrats to Herb on taking that first step toward becoming a bona fide published writer! It's an exciting adventure, and if he hits the jackpot he'll be thanking you for your encouragement. Well done.


Sounds good, but I think he might need a new cover artist. :P Downloaded.


Can never have enough reading material on my Kindle :)


@snapster, I strongly recommend (if Amazon allows, and why shouldn't they?) that this book also be placed on Smashwords ( which is an excellent place for those trying to self-publish.

I haven't downloaded the book (I probably won't, since my tolerance for Fantasy is very low), but I like to see authors get breaks as often as possible.

Good luck to him.


Has anyone else noticed that this question is tagged #snapster? I find that completely awesome.

As for the book, we're getting a Kindle for my mother this Christmas, so I'll definitely steal it from her to check it out.


@captainsuperdawg: I started it (just click on #snapster). I loved using staff in tags when Deals first started out. That was long before we knew that mentioning their names would have the effect it did, and long before that was extended to us little ol' wooters.

One never knows, do one.


@shrdlu: thanks - I had some thought of asking for just that sort of advice. I'll look into this for him and relay.

all - thanks all for the fun of helping him - his book climbed up a lot in just a couple house to #31 on the free fantasy epic list.


@snapster: actually if you go to this page you will see that the book is now ranked #18 under FREE EPIC FANTASY in the kindle store.

So there has definitely been some upward movement today. Probably in no small part to deal.wooter purchases.

You are also getting a long story:

Book length: 175,000 words, about the equivalent of a 400-page hardback or 700 page paperback


I'd like to second the recommendation for smashwords! I use a Nook and can't find a way to download the book from Amazon without downloading the Kindle for PC app. :-/ Putting it on smashwords should enable the Epub format which would allow the book to be read on other devices besides Kindle.

LOVE sci-fi and fantasy!! IIRC Barnes and Noble also allows uploads from indie-writers...they have a HUGE section of freebies from up and coming Authors.


Aha! Snagged it using Kindle cloud with Chrome. No need for an extra download! /runs off to read a good book on this cold and sleet filled day


@snapster: While I'm thinking about it, this article that I'd read a few days ago on Yahoo is something your friend should memorize. I seldom bookmark the fluff that Yahoo usually posts, but this was worthy.

Note especially her points about reviews.


Just an FYI in case you didn't know -

You do not need a Kindle to read this. Amazon offers a Kindle for PC option that allows you to use your PC.

I use it for the $0 cookbooks that have been offered for the Kindle (as I am a hardcore "gotta have the book in my hands" type of person and haven't gotten an e reader).


Done! And that's a delightfully horrible cover, I don't know why anyone would want to change it.


I just read the "sneak peak" Amazon has on the page. I wish I had a Kindle (I'm aware I can download it for PC), it sounds so good! Can't wait for the next one in the series.


Am I going to be able to read this on my android tablet? I just got the thing and I am still learning about compatibility.


@moondrake: You shouldn't have a problem. Just download the kindle app from Amazon and you should be good to go.


Thanks so much for all the support, everyone! And thanks especially for the blunt words about the cover! I'm much more comfortable with my writing skills than with my painting abilities, but I was moderately happy with the cover and didn't hear any negative feedback from family and friends. If unbiased sources are finding it unappealing, I'll definitely have to consider commissioning a new one at some point. I think the cover for the next book is turning out better, but perhaps my days as a cover artist are (or should be) limited.

I'm thoroughly grateful to the woot community for such dynamite support, which I'm convinced made a huge difference in this promotion.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Herb M


@fantauth: Unless you are channeling Kelly Freas, I recommend just doing something abstract for your covers.

It's hard to be objective about your own work, and considering the comments here on your cover, it might be wise for you to consider that the cover can make or break an author. I do point out that I haven't really looked at it, and you should take that into account, of course. Here's an excellent artist (Paul Youll) that specializes in F&SF.

Pity that notify if mention is not working right now. Hopefully you are watching this Question (or that @snapster points out this answer).

{I add that I am often brusque and without manners in the morning, but am always interested in seeing authors succeed.}


@shrdlu: I probably can't afford Kelly Freas or Paul Youll, but I know a couple of much sharper artists than myself. I suppose I'll bite that bullet as soon as I can. In the meantime, I added a "customer image" that at least provides a decently sized, higher resolution version of the cover than the muddy postage-stamp one that Amazon automatically generated.

Many thanks for your input!



@fantauth: I do want to point out that Kelly Freas passed away some years ago. Paul did the cover art for a first novel which went on to become the first in a very successful series for the late and very lamented Kage Baker. I'm glad that you've had the opportunity to move on from the postage stamp.


@shrdlu: My apologies for not following the link and educating myself to avoid that faux pas.

Kage Baker is on my list of authors to read more by. She wrote one of the best stories in Songs of the Dying Earth, a tribute anthology dedicated to the work of Jack Vance.



@fantauth: Kage was a friend, in another life, long ago. It was quite amazing to see her find her voice, so late in life, and become successful. She's a good role model for you.

Pity that all the publishers I know are in the technical world. Since you are self-publishing, you should remember that the one thing you lack is an editor. I remind you again that I have not read your work. This is a general observation. Editors do more than check your spelling and grammar (although those are both VERY important). They also help tighten up loose phrasing, and assist new authors in learning to get to the point.

I've recently slogged through a work by a "Pulitzer Prize Winning" Journalist that desperately needed editing (and theoretically, it had one), so this is much on my mind. Perhaps the author's ego interfered...

Buy a shirt. Buy something. It looks weird to see your comments without a vote. @snapster, give your friend a shirt coupon so he can vote.


@shrdlu: Long ago in another life, I was an editor, so I know exactly what you mean. I've had my book read by three different professional editors, though none of them did a page-by-page markup.

I'm way overdue to buy something. I'll see if I can get to it today!

: )


@fantauth: I see that you managed to buy something. Congratulations! Now you're a full fledged member of the community (for good or ill). As an editor, you may be amused by my username.

I am tempted now to go off and read the book (I believe that I can afford the ninety-nine cents), out of curiosity.

[Edit] Don't hold your breath, though. It's extremely rare that I read fantasy (I make exceptions for the Grand Masters such as Fritz Leiber), and it's a crazy busy time for me (which seems to be endlessly true). Sometimes I think I should go back to work, and un-retire, just to have more spare time. :-D


@shrdlu: I had to Google it, but that's a great username.

As far as you giving into temptation, Leiber was one of my favorites as a kid, although I don't know that my fiction is consciously influenced by him. If you squint, you might be able to see some Jack Vance.

BTW, the reason I didn't follow your Kelly Freas link right away was that I had a strong positive association with his name and assumed that he was one of many artists I admired at one time or another. When I went back to the link and actually realized who he was, I appreciated your post a lot better. I do have a certain admiration for him, but much of it is due to fondness for those old Laser paperbacks, and the fact that he had such a singular vision and style, if a rather peculiar one. I certainly have no artistic desire to channel him in my covers, though. : )


the third book in this fantasy series was released yesterday and is free for a couple days.

good to read names of some old friends here :)

/very old thread


@snapster: How funny! I just now wondered if you'd commented anywhere else on deals, recently, and happened to notice this.

One recommends accounts at Goodreads, and at Librarything, for your author friend. I don't have any first hand experience at Goodreads, but am on (under my people name). Authors can post in certain places, and even set up their own author pages. In addition, there are special help pages just for authors.

It's a pretty welcoming place, and fantasy is big there. As in any place, lurking is best, at first, but there are some authors that are self published that have gained quite a following, and even (in a case or two) gone on to gain an actual publisher, so it seems worthwhile.