questionssauce or gravy?


Those crazy nor-easterners! It's sauce, of course... :-)


You, my friend, are correct. What do those northerners know? :-)


I think it's an italian thing for the most part to call it "gravy." I'm in upstate NY and if you're talking gravy - it better be made from meat bits, a bit of fat, flour, and milk/water. It also better taste great on potatoes!
That red stuff - it's sauce.


"Gravy Sauce!"
Tomato and wine sauces are red. Gravy is mostly brown. And then there's the whole world of cream gravies and butter sauces.


It is an Italian thing. You call it gravy when you cook the sauce with meat in it - sausages, pork neckbones, meatballs, etc. Molto delizioso!

Southerners aren't the only people who consider meat a "seasoning."


@scarabkafer: calling it gravy is an 'Italian American' thing, real Italians call it succo (which literally translated means 'juice')


@dutchpants: Thank you. You saved me from having to type it out. I have nothing but Italian on both sides of the family, and we have NEVER called it gravy.


@drjing: Umm.. last time I looked Philadelphia was rather mid-Atlantic? nor-easterners? Perhaps you confuse them with a type of storm system?


Philly is just messed up in general. We should get Harrisburg to give it to New Jersey.