questionswhy does teeter hang up ep550 shows 224.99 but…


Mate, that deal is over two years old. Besides deals.woot doesn't sell anything. It links to all and nothing at the same time. If you listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon while using deals.woot open in Firefox, IE, and Chrome at the same time deals.woot will actually link up to the track that is playing and flying screaming monkeys will pop up on your screen. If that doesn't work do: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A.

Original deal in question (I guess, only one I found):


@xarous: lol...but not RIP. I wonder if WOOT! needs to do some maintenance.


@morriea: I tattled it to get it RIP'd. This is a great example of why every deal should automatically expire at a given point, whether it's six months or a year.