questionsdoes good customer service still exist?


most companies that don't deal in tangible goods usually keep their CS Staff top notch and in the country. The friendliest and most useful CS people I've dealt with are Insurance and Cable companies... the goods they deal with aren't actual tangible products so they have to make up for it with their CS staff when things go wrong. Most companies that deal with products like routers or laptops will usually skimp on the CS because you've already bought their product. Apple has good CS too though but you have to actually go to their store.


Most companies are outsourcing to India and what not. I can go ahead on and on about the US unemployment rate, but, chances are, you already know the rant. Hell, most of time, it's not even a person that is hard to understand, it's an automated machine like what Microsoft uses.

BUT, I guess that is what happens when people want cheaper products, there needs to be some cutbacks...


@eyeflytwohigh: This is completely true. Also, there is not a ton of incentive to have great CS anymore because people buy products based on how much they cost up front rather than thinking about a company's reputation or how well they treat their customers (and employees!)


Never had any problems whenever I've contacted So, yeah, it does still exist.


I am a secret shopper for one company and I have been doing them for years, good customer service is very hard to find in most stores, but for my money, Nordstrom's always wins


My precise answer to your question is: Yes, customer service still exists.

I want to qualify that answer though. Good service really depends on where you shop and for what.
My the dealer for my Ford truck has been a delight.
DISH, my satellite provider has been excellent.
My cell provider, T-mobile has also been great.

The common element between them is their dependence on word-of-mouth, good will and the competition. They are businesses that need good service to distinguish themselves. If they fail to satisfy customers, they'll lose them to other companies.

Bad customer service is a hallmark of businesses that either face no competition, like a monopoly service (Con Ed, water company, Microsoft). The other case is a business whose key selling point is cut-rate pricing. In order to cut price, the hidden costs go first. Warranties and customer service shrink, previously included become options.

Customer service exists, if customers demand it and vote with their dollars.


This question gets me so angry while remembering all the times I've had blatant poor customer service. I don't even want to get into it.

Does good customer service still exist? Yes. But it's few and far between.


Of course good service still exists, it's just hard to find and my guess is that these are the companies that will flourish in the long term. Sadly, many of them are also non-US companies.

Like the other has said above...

T-Mobile: 8 years and counting; I have never had a problem getting someone on the phone within 30 seconds.

Starbucks: No surprise, their training is down to the words they say; plus they treat their employees well, which reflect well in their manners.

Almost all Asian airlines plus Virgin: American airlines really need to learn something from them., and their subsidiaries, the customer focus starts at the very top.

Nordstrom, like Amazon, and interestingly enough, both are based in Seattle, WA. Curiously, higher-end shops don't translate to good service, it's sad. But Nordstrom holds up very nicely.

Zappos. An internet legend at this point regarding their service.

Lexus, Acura: The most wonderful car buying/service experience.


@eyeflytwohigh: cable companies, and good customer service? I want whoever your provider is.

I've had cablevision and verizon as providers - and when you can actually find someone who isn't repeating back your problem to you like a parrot (in poorly constructed, overly understanding of your peril (yes peril lol) heavily accented english)

I've never had things go easy with them without escalating to a resolution specialist (typically the first tier where you get regional management involved)


The thing about good customer service, is that people don't talk as much about the companies they like as they do about the companies they are frustrated with. I had the ratio a while ago but can't find it.
I try to talk up the good places. Like my florist, and my insurance agent (not kidding he's great), and the butcher at the little store down the way.


I've had good, and I've had bad. Personally, I find that I have a bad experience when the CS person seems to be going by a "script". The better ones seem to be personable and friendly. Even if they don't solve your issue, that can mean a lot.

When I feel that I am having a bad CS experience, I generally ask for a supervisor, if not just someone else to speak with. This is my time, and my money, so I am not shy about finding a representative that I feel comfortable with.

But, to answer the question. Yes, it does still exist. Sometimes you may have to say "can I speak with someone else?" a few times to get it.