questionswill the ipad 2 go on sale after christmas?


Odds are no. It may be bundled with something or given with a store gift card, but the odds are there will be no sale. They didn't have a sale on iPads last xmas so I have my doubts, but then again I'm not an Apple employee.


No. Apple doesn't run "sales". Even their Black Friday deals were minimal discounts, like $101 off a $1800 laptop. That's a whole 5% off. Oh, and the $2500 MacBook Pro was also $101 off - a whopping 4% discount for the most fanatic of the fanboys.

If you want a cheap(ish) Apple product go to the Apple Store online and look at what they have for refurbished goods.


Just wait until the iPad 3 comes out... probably 1st quarter 2012